MI Sports will be at our intra-squad meet from 10-12pm. They will bring team swimsuits that you can try on and order. Suits will be delivered later this month. If you can't make it, the other options to purchase team apparel are as follows:


Swimming equipment will eventually be needed / required and can be purchased on Amazon.  Don't do retail. Amazon allows returns.

  • Goggles: flashy expensive googles typically do not have the features necessary to provide the swimmer with a good experience (keeping out water / reducing fog / staying on their face after a dive.)  Here is what to look for for best fit:

    • Double straps that go around the back of the head.  Having 2 points / angles of pull and contact eliminates the goggle from being torn off during a dive.

    • Adjustable nose piece is frequently over looked, and the cause for many leaking goggles.  

      • Straps and nose pedicels can have excess materials trimmed off.

    • Outside swimming should have mirrored tint to repel sun rays and improve vision.

    • Inside / night swimming should be clear, or yellowish.  Dark blues, reds, and tints make it darker than necessary to see.

    • Seal on the eye is pretty subjective.  Foam seals are the most consistent.  Rubber seals are hit and miss.  Hard plastic / Swedish style goggles are hard for swimmers to get used to.

  • Fins and pull buoy are good to buy now if you don't have. 

    • Fins should be snug - like a ski boot.  Try on wet

      • Long fins are cheaper than the short ones.  Long fins length can be cut down to size once the appropriate time comes (making them short fins).

    • Pull buoys are the Styrofoam floats that go between a swimmers legs for pull sets. 

  • Regarding paddles, that's where we get picky.  We prefer the ones that have holes drilled in them that look like snow mittens.  

    • Ask for clarification or here is an example of the style I prefer.  

    • The manufacturer should have a suggested sizing chart.  When in doubt on size, go small.  About an inch radius longer than the swimmer's hand is perfect.

      • Ultimately the type of paddle is the swimmer's choice. 

  • Kick boards are nice, but we have some extras.

  • Snorkels are not necessary at this time.

  • Label EVERYTHING with a permanent marker / Sharpie.


WET SUITS (Cold / Little Swimmers)

Little / tiny swimmers can wear wet suits to practice to keep them warm and in the water more than 20 minutes.  The water temp is balmy 82' (competition pools are 78').  I have lots of cold little ones. They are surprisingly cheap on Amazon at about $26.  See example.



  • Flip flops or crocs are encouraged for feet to and from the pool and in bathroom areas to improve swimmer hygiene. 
    • Safe Sport and the American Red Cross also recommend this.
  • Water bottles are strongly encouraged, but need to be cleaned / washed daily due to coming in contact with their surroundings.  Having several of them alleviates this burden.  
    • Water bottles should never be shared.