Pennsylvania YMCA Regional Swimming
PA YMCA Competitive Swimming News and Notes - Coaches - Please read


Welcome to the 2018-2019 YMCA Swimming year!

Thank you for everything you do to promote youth development and to encourage achievement, relationships and belonging in our youth. You are strengthening our community and helping them reach their full potential.

As we start the new competitive year, please review the following information, some of which is NEW for this year.  As a coach, I know at times it becomes cumbersome to read through long emails, HOWEVER, I am asking that you take time to read everything in this email for the benefit of your athletes and your YMCA program:

As we start the new competitive year, please review the following information, some of which is NEW for this year.


Regional Representative: G. Michael Gobrecht  ([email protected] – Direct Dial (717) 514 2287

  • Please contact me with any questions you have. I am here to assist you, your team and your YMCA in offering the best program possible.

Officials Coordinator:  Brad Bason ([email protected]com)

  • Brad is a great resource and can help you with setting up officials trainings and also communicates with local officials and the national YMCA Officials Committee.

CEO/COO Partner: Andrea Youndt ( who is the Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine

  • Andrea advocates for YMCA Swimming and Diving programs  at the YMCA senior leadership level.  Andrea is also available to consult with fellow CEOs and COOs on the benefits and best practices of competitive swimming and diving.

PA YMCA Competitive Swimming Advisory Council - Our council meets 3-4 timers per year to discuss all aspects of YMCA Competitive Swimming programming in the state of Pennsylvania as well as Nationally.  Feel free to reach out to any of these individuals that may be in your area:

John Nelson YMCA of York and York County
Mike Wolbert Pocono Family YMCA [email protected]
Erik Nelson Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County
Kim Evans YMCA of Berks County
Anita Murphy New Castle Community YMCA
Caren Barnes YMCA of the Twin Tiers
Tom Warrick YMCA of the USA Volunteer

YMCA Swimming Rules and Guidelines – See links below.  All of this is taken from the YMCA Competitive Swimming website


Regional Website: - Contains information specific to our region. It is also linked to our national site.

National Website: - Contains information for coaches, swimmers, officials and teams. It also has all of the rules and guidelines for operating your YMCA program.


All YMCA coaches - regardless of employment status or level of athlete - need to be certified in Professional Rescuer CPR, First Aid, Safety Training for Swim Coaches (or Lifeguard with the completion of the online STSC course) and Principles of YMCA Swimming and Diving. Find requirements HERE or on the national and regional websites.

SAFE SPORT The Safe Sport Act expands requirements around sexual abuse prevention for organizations that arrange amateur athletic competition for youth. The federal law carries implications for YMCAs, as well as staff and volunteers who interact with youth participants.   Y-USA will have specific requirements for staff and volunteers at its national events, which will include screening, child protection training, as well as a code of conduct acknowledgement.  Local requirements are determined by each local YMCA, in consultation with its legal counsel and in consideration of additional state and local laws.  It is up to the local YMCA to ensure the requirements for local YMCA staff and volunteers are met

See the following resources for more information, or you may contact Y-USA or call Praesidium’s helpline at 855-347-0751:

ANNUAL REGISTRATION   [Registration Link]

Opens: Sept. 1, 2018

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2018 or prior to the entry deadline for any sanctioned YMCA meet, whichever is earlier.

NEW: Coach Registration is free until Dec. 1. Between Dec. 2 and April 30, each coach registration submitted will be charged $25 to the credit card on file for your team registration fee. Coach registration will be free between May 1 and July 1 and will be charged $25 after July 1.

Team Registration (for all YMCA teams):  Team registration fee is $50 per team per year, paid online with a credit card at time of registration. This is the only payment option. Checks are not accepted. This is a secure payment system linked through the TeamUnify platform directly to the YMCA of the USA. An email will be sent that will include the payment information and a link to click on to print out the receipt. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover (No American Express).  Please complete all team information as accurately as possible each year. This provides important data on the size, scope and structure of YMCA Swimming across the country.

Coach Registration (for all YMCA coaches, not only head coaches) - All coach certifications must be uploaded to the registration site. Do not mail paper copies. Enter the correct expiration dates (or date of completion for Professional Rescuer CPR).

  • Note: The YMCA of the USA requires aquatic staff, including swim coaches, to renew CPR annually, regardless of the expiration date on the certification card. You will enter the completion date of your CPR course, not the expiration date on your card.
  • To access your YMCA deck pass, download the TeamUnify OnDeck app (free) to your smartphone. Your deck pass is accessible there. When a certification expires, your deck pass will automatically change to having a red X until your updated certification is uploaded and approved. You will show this deck pass in order to be on deck at any sanctioned YMCA meet including Nationals.
  • Check the coaches listed for your team and remove any who are no longer with your program. When you enter the registration system, select YMCA Admin, then select the coach, select Edit and remove as YMCA coach. Use this link for further instructions

SANCTIONED YMCA MEETS (Silver Meets, Y Districts, States, Nationals - Hosts)

  • A YMCA meet sanction may be issued for invitationals or championship level meets. Please read the requirements for each (posted on the national website). Participation in a sanctioned Y championship meet is required for swimmers to be eligible to compete at the YMCA National Championship meets.
  • Payment of the $50 sanction fee is made online using a credit card at the time a sanction request is submitted. The sanction number is not issued until the sanction is approved. If a sanction request is denied, the payment will be refunded.
  • Access sanction requests through the YMCA Admin section on your team website (for TeamUnify customers) or on your registration portal (access registration as if you were registering your team then select the YMCA Admin section).
  • Meets seeking a YMCA sanction should use the new YMCA sanctioned meet template, available on the national website. The completed meet information is uploaded with the sanction request.
  • Sanction requests are due 60 days prior to the first day of the meet.
  • REMINDER FOR HIGH SCHOOL TIMES : In order for a swimmer to use a time achieved in a high school meet for entry into any YMCA sanctioned meet, including Nationals, that high school meet has to have been USA Swimming Observed. Please work with your high school organizations to ensure that championship and large invitational meets are USA Swimming Observed.


October 20-28, 2018*

  • Information and meet packet is posted on the national website. You may conduct the meet as a closed intrasquad, dual or invitational as long as you have the required YMCA officials. Participation in this meet counts as one closed YMCA meet.
  • This is the only virtual or intrasquad meet that may be counted as a closed YMCA meet toward championship qualification.
  • All YMCA teams are encouraged to take part in this unique competitive opportunity.

*Alternate dates are Nov. 17-Dec. 2 for those states where high school swimming restricts participation in YMCA swimming in the fall.


All YMCA coaches and aquatic directors are invited to join the YMCA Competitive Swimming Directors/Coaches Facebook page. This page features ideas, networking, job postings and questions for other Y coaches.


USA Swimming now offers a Flex Membership for those swimmers who would like to try up to two USA Swimming meets per year (below LSC championship level) and be exposed to all of the other benefits of USA Swimming membership but at a reduced rate. Sign up through your USA Swimming LSC (Local Swimming Committee).

Thank You to each of you for taking the time to read this information.  Please be sure to visit the YMCA of Pennsylvania Website for information on YMCA Districts and States as well as Qualifying times for the YMCA District meet.  Over the next 3 months I will be sending you at least one email per month to assist you with your YMCA Competitive Swimming program.  Feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]) or call/text (717 514 2287). 

Mike Gobrecht - Pennsylvania Competitive Aquatics Regional Rep