Team Apparel

Glenbrook Swim Club apparel can be found on the All American Swim website. For required practice equipment, each practice group has a specific set of requirements, and there is a button to click to find the specific items needed. Please follow this link to review/order required practice equipment items: All American Swim - Required Practice Equipment. (If required: Username: glenbrookswim, Password: club) 

For general swim equipment, you can click on the home page button from the team specific site at All American Swim, or follow this link: All American Swim - General Items.

Personalized team caps are offered twice a year at the beginning of the Fall (short course) and Spring (long course) seasons - it is important to get orders in by the published deadlines since there are ONLY two order periods annually. To order personalized caps please click on this link: All American Swim - Personalized Cap(If required: Username: glenb, Password: swimclub)