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**No group lessons for children under age 4, toddlers must do Private lessons (see next paragraph). We have some instructors comfortable with doing Toddler lessons, and some who are not. We do not have anyone certified to teach ISR** If you know someone who does, or are looking to do it yourself, please contact us!

PRIVATE LESSONS- (UPDATE 4/6/2022 - We have a Private lesson waiting list, currently about 35 people on the list. We have 4 private instructors and will gain more as the summer gets closer)
PL are available on a first come, first served basis. This time of year we get many requests, early spring our instructors begin to take on lessons as they are able.  When we get to May/ June we will have 10-12 private instructors doing private lessons. 

We sell packages of 5x 30 min Lessons for $135. Adding swimmers to a private lesson costs $25 for an additional child or children. Note that children of widely varying ability and/ or age should not be in the same lesson, and the instructor may refuse to teach two children in one lesson if the ability or age gap is too wide. As a customer, you will not be happy with the results, and we want people to be happy. Very simple.

Private lessons can be arranged by emailing Jason Swaim  [email protected] to add your name to the list or call 478-361-8373. PLEASE INCLUDE A CONTACT NUMBER. Private lessons are on a first come, first served basis. In many cases this will only take 24-48 hours, but during times of heavy demand it may take up to a week or more.  Jason will set you up with an instructor who will schedule your lessons.  All scheduling and payment can be made through your instructor. Time slots are limited and can only be done outside of Swim Team Practices. 

Team Practices until June 1,2022
Mon-Thu 4- 7:30pm
Friday 4-6pm
Sat 7-11am

Lessons can be scheduled anytime outside of the above practices

The cost of 5 Private lessons is $135 

Each lesson lasts 30 min. We take cash, check or card! No CashApp, Venmo or Paypal at this time.

[email protected]