The Pre-Competitive program exists to provide competent and confident young swimmers with the foundations of the four competitive swimming strokes.  Swimmers will learn Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.  The program also introduces flip turns, competitive or shallow water diving, and a limited amount of racing. Pre-Competitive swimmers are allowed to swim in any non-USAS sanctioned home competition offered by Swim Macon.

Level I (swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards, or one pool length, comfortably, preferably with face in the water)
      - PC I introduces the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke. streamlines, glides, flutter kicking, body rotation, arm movements, and bilateral breathing.  We also start work on breast stroke kick in a limited capacity.

Level II (swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards of both freestyle and backstroke with competency and exhibit bilateral breathing on freestyle)
     -PC II builds on the foundation of PC I, and begins the process of teaching flip turns, competitive dives, breast stroke and butterfly kicking with emphasis on short axis movement by the hips and chest. Breast stroke kick development using a variety of drills both in and out of the pool. Dolphin and Mermaid imagery will be used to teach fly kicking.

Level III (swimmers must exhibit proficency in freestyle with bilateral breath, backstroke, standing flips, shallow water dives, breast stroke & butterfly kick)
     -PC III builds on the foundation of PC II, fortifying the foundations of free & back, while finishing the fundamentals of breast and fly.  Breaststroke arm motions are taught using a variety of activities with the noodle, and the timing relationship between the pull and kick are introduced. The underwater pull phase of fly is also introduced as well ass the timing relationship between pull and kick. The race finishes of the competitive strokes are finally refined. 

**Once a swimmer can swim a USA Swimming legal 100 yard IM, they will be promoted to the Bronze group level. Bronze is the first level of Swim Team.  Swimmers are not required to compete in the first level of swim team, but it is encouraged.  For information on swim team groups and their development, please visit the article entitled SMAC 2020-2024 ADM in the news section of this website.**

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