Josh Page

"Josh and his wife and 3-year old son live in sunny St. Petersburg, Fl where they serve at their local church, Tabernacle of Tampa Bay. Josh makes it his mission to share the Gospel with people every day, pointing them to the One who can transform their hearts and change their lives. He has been leading a street evangelism ministry for nearly a decade and serves as an associate pastor at their church. He loves going on adventures with his family and telling people about Jesus."

Rachel Odom

Rachel is an amazing girl whom I met this week through the friend I have who works at the local bakery. My daughter and I went in to get a cookie when we struck up a conversation about Rachel. Rachel was part of the Me-Too series that Calvary Clearwater was currently producing.  Rachel's story was to be heard by thousands on Sunday. I told my friend that I would be there. Then I told her about the Vance Lives Swim-a-thon.  Little did I know that Rachel was also a swimmer when she was growing up. Rachel had signed up for the Swim-a-thon before I ever left the bakery. I didn't even know who she was.  Please watch the video below. After you watch the video, then you will truly understand how I was in awe of the whole circumstance.  Rachel will be telling her story on Saturday at the Swim-a-thon. We would love for you to join us!!