Please Note: Due to recent events and the Shelter in Place Order that is still in effect, we are unable to host or plan for any new swimmer try outs at this time. This message will be updated once we have the capacity to do so.



Welcome to PEAK Swimming, in order to better assist you and your child, please provide us the following information:

1: Your name; your child's name, gender, age;

2: Your child's swimming experience/background; times/events if available;

3: Email the above info to: we will schedule a tryout for your child;

Thank you and we hope to see you on the pool deck soon! GO PEAK!

We at PEAK are glad you have an interest in joining our swimming family. In order to join the team, there are a few steps that must be completed:

  1. Contact Us – Establish a Tryout Date: To join Peak, any new swimmer will first need to pass a tryout with the team as well as their desired or targeted training group. To set up a tryout, you will need to contact us at or contact Coach Chris, our Age Group Director, directly at In your email please include the following: Swimmer’s name, age, and a brief description of their swimming careers thus far – including best competition times, current team, levels completed or concurrently enrolled in a swim school or lessons program. It is important that we have this information so that we can more accurately assess which of our training groups would be the best suited for your swimmer. We will check our training calendar and work with you to establish a tryout date with the team.
  2. The Tryout: To be invited to join our team, each swimmer must successfully complete a tryout. Each tryout consists of two parts. First, as a minimum requirement, all new swimmers must be able to swim all 4 competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle) legally for a full 25-yard lap each. Second, after the initial swim test, new swimmers will then be asked to complete a full practice with their targeted training group. Each swimmer will be evaluated by the group’s lead Coach. As long as the new swimmer can keep up with the training group with little difficulty or interruption to the flow of the normal practice, they will then be invited to join the PEAK team. Training equipment required for each group will vary and will be included in the email correspondence. 
  3. Registering: Only after being formally invited to join the team, each swimmer will need to complete an Online Registration, then download, print out, sign, and return to us in person a USA/ Pacific Swimming Registration Form. The online registration process can be started by clicking the "Online Registration" quick button found on the right hand side of the Home Page, adjacent to the scrolling pictures. Make sure to select the correct group your swimmer will be registering with. Once the Registration is complete it will be sent to our Admin Team to be verified. The USA/ Pacific Swimming Registration Form can be found at > Documents > Forms > Registration and Membership > Year Round Athlete Registration Application. Once we have verified your online registration, and have collected your USA/Pacific Swimming Registration Form, your swimmer will have been completely registered for Peak Swimming!

Once registered your family will officially be a part of the PEAK FAMILY!