UTSI Sanctions

     Welcome to the UTSI Sanctions page.  Here you will find the information and forms needed to host a USA Swimming Sanctioned meet or event in the state of Utah.

     Thank you for your willingness to host a USA Swimming meet or event!  Consider using the UTSI Event Sanction Checklist.  It provides a list of things that must be done in order to successfully complete the sanction process.  The UTSI Event Sanction Information Sheet provides more detailed information about completing the meet announcement and what is needed.  You may also find Frequently Asked Questions useful.  Another resource is

NOTE:  All meets must follow USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and Utah Swimming Rules and Regulations.  Meets should be scheduled through the Technical Planning Committee.

Sanctions Process:

  1. Fill in the sanction application form and send to the sanctions chair with the appropriate fee. 

    1. All meets must have a Meet Director, Meet Referee, Meet Starter and Administrative Official listed on the sanction application.

    2. The following are meet designations:

      1. Intra-squad Meet – one registered team, unattached affiliated swimmers

      2. Dual Meet – two registered teams, unattached affiliated swimmers

      3. Tri-Meet – three registered teams, unattached affiliated swimmers

      4. Invitational – multiple registered teams unattached affiliated swimmers and unattached registered swimmers if host team designates

      5. Open – any registered teams and unattached registered swimmers

  2. Email the Sanctions Chair preliminary meet information for conditional approval. If no response, please call to check on your request. Meet information must not be sent to other teams before a sanction number is issued. Referees will not officiate a meet that is not sanctioned.

  3. After all entries are put into the computer and AT LEAST three days prior to the meet, a backup of the database must be sent to the LSC Employee for a check of all swimmers’ registration status.

  4. Once the meet is over :

    1. Fill out the meet financial report and send it, the meet summary report and the splash fees to the Sanctions Chair.

    2. Email a backup of your Meet Manager database to the Registration Coordinator and cc in the Sanctions Chair. 

NOTE:  Please make sure that swimmers are entered in your Meet Manager database using the name and number with which they are registered with USA Swimming. If the names are not correct, the results will be sent back to you for correction. Your meet will not be considered finalized until the names are corrected.

Approved Meet or Observed Meet Information

If you need information about “Approved” meets or “Observed Swims” (meets either hosted by non-USA Swimming organizations and/or meets that allow non-USA Swimming registered athletes to compete) contact the current Utah Swimming Sanctions Chair.  Click here for the application forms for observed swims.

Contact Information

UTSI Sanctions Chair

UTSI Registration Chair

UTSI SWIMS Coordinator

Carri Oviatt

957 E 200 S

Lindon, UT  84042-2116


(801) 785-5505

Todd Etherington

P.O. Box 71837

Salt Lake City, UT 84171

Phone: (801) 541-6447


Todd Etherington



Links to Forms and Information

Forms to turn into Sanctions Chair:

UTSI Sanction Application (fillable form)          UTSI Sanction Application   

UTSI Meet Financial Report (excel)                 UTSI Meet Financial Report (pdf)


Meet Announcement Templates

UTSI Meet Announcement Template

UTSI Meet Announcement Template for Time Trials


Forms you might want to include with your meet information:

Uniform Meet Entry Form

Request for Accommodations for Swimmer with a Disability


Utah Swimming Meet-Related Procedures

Utah Swimming Scratch Procedures

Utah Swimming Warm-up Procedures

Swim Meet Safe Deck Plans

Safe Deck Plans designate where spectators may sit at swim meets. Every club has one. Click title, or here, to access. Plans are listed by host club abbreviation

  • A coach or club leader may update a club Safe Deck Plan by emailing it to the Utah Swimming Safe Sport and Operational Risk Chair. (Click "Governance" > "Board of Directors" above to get contact info.)

 Online Swim Meet Safety Kit

Meet Director's Handbook


  • Please refer to schedule of fees, meet application form, and financial report for current sanction, splash, correction, and late fees.

  • NOTE:  $20.00 extra charge for meets sanctioned within 14 days prior to the meet.  No meets will be sanctioned within 7 days prior to a meet.