GAC Pool

GAC Pool

Gorge Athletic Club (formerly TDFCC) has once again opened their pool schedule to accommodate TDST's Winter practice sessions. This year, GAC is requiring all swimmers to purchase a "non-member pool pass". The pass is only valid during scheduled TDST practice times. If your family already has a current membership at GAC, you can use it for pool access.


  • $100 - 1st swimmer

  • $75 - 2nd swimmer

  • $50 - 3rd swimmer

Gorge Athletic Club Guidelines

  • The GAC asks that swimmers be supervised by an adult in the locker rooms.

  • Swimmers are expected to limit shower use.

  • Horseplay, long showers, excessive water on floor, and loitering will NOT be tolerated by GAC or TDST.

  • TDST Families are asked to visit the GAC in person prior to first practice to purchase their pass and fill out an application (use the link to print and complete the application).

Thank you for honoring GAC's requests and policies. TDST is very grateful for continued use of the facilities and we ask for your help and attention to make sure all swimmers are respectfully following policies.