Swim Meet Help

My First Swim Meet

What to do When You Get to the Meet

Please come to the meet ready to get in to swim for warm ups.  Suit on under clothes.

1. Check-in with the Clerk of Course for all your events that day.

a. Swimmer must initial next to his/her name so they add swimmer to events for the day.  If swimmer is scratching an event this is when they do that.   HELPFUL TIP: Many swimmer write their event # on their arm with a sharpie so they don’t forget what events they are swimming.  

2. Check in with coach to see when coach wants them in for warm up.  (Usually it is 8am for a 9am meet start)
3. Be on time for warm-ups.  

HELPFUL TIP: The lanes will be packed with swimmers from other teams and will be crowded.  This is normal and the best advice is to keep moving and do not stop in the middle of the lane.  If there are faster swimmers they will go around you.

4. Check Heat and Lane assignment for their event #.  As the meet progresses events will be posted on a wall. If they are swimming in that event they look at their name and it will say their heat and lane #.
5. After learning heat & lane assignments, check-in with your coach at the coaches’ tent.  This is the coaches opportunity to remind the athlete of specific things to work on during the race.  

PARENT TIP: We ask that parents hang back so that the coaches can build a relationship with the swimmer based on trust and common goals.

6. Warming up - before the race, parents please stay calm. Make sure your swimmer gets out of the warm-up pool in time for their heat.
7. After your child swims, swimmers check-in with their coach.  The coach will talk with the athlete about
technique that was done correctly and technique that needs improvement.  If an athlete gets disqualified, the coach will communicate with the athlete on what was done wrong and how they are going to work on improving it in the future.  This is another opportunity for the coach and athlete to build a strong relationship.  
8. Warm down - Swimmer will warm down if asked to and then wait for their next event to be posted with heat and lane assignments
9. REPEAT and do it all over again!

MISSED RACE? If your child misses an event, it is ok.  It happens and we all learn from mistakes.  The officials cannot stop the meet to accommodate every missed event, so the meet will go on and your child will swim in his/her next event

We encourage you to let your child take the ropes.