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Volunteer FAQ's

Q: If I am a new family to OCST, how many volunteer hours am I assigned?  

A: OCST depends on families to serve in order to operate. Families are to fulfill their required service hours per family per fiscal year (October 1-September 30) according to the swimmer in their family on the highest ranking squad. This is a per family requirement not a per swimmer requirement.  Most swim groups have a 24 hour/yr obligation.  The exceptions are our Novice group, which is 8 hours.  Challenge, Fitness and College summer swimmers do not have a service hour obligation.

Q: Can I volunteer all my hours at OCST home meets?

A: Yes!  Be sure to log them into the OCST online volunteer hours log after you have completed the work.

Q: Is it 8-24 hours/year for each swimmer?  

A: No, the requirement is for each family, regardless of the number of swimmers in that family.

Q: If I still have hours to work in September will I owe these the following year?  

A: No. The system will be reset to 24 or 8 hours depending on your swim group.  The hours owed will either have to be worked or paid by the end of September.

Q: Can I work extra hours and carry them over to the next year?  

A: No. There will not be any carry over of hours to the next year. But, you can keep track of your hours and submit your extra hours during the next year.

Q: I am too busy to volunteer, what should I do?

A: We encourage ALL families to volunteer.  If you choose not to volunteer, you will be charged $20/unworked hour. 


Q: How do I know what I can do to volunteer?

A: There are many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer.  These include home meets, timing at ANY away meet, special events such as banquets or swim-a-thon, helping with fundraisers such as wreath sales. There is also “behind the scenes” work also needed after meets such as filing of ribbons, etc.  Please go to the Service Hour Opportunities on the Internal tab of the team’s website to find out more.

Q: If I work extra hours, may I donate them to another family?  

A: No.  Every family is responsible for their own volunteer account.

Q: How do I know if I am behind on my hours?  

A: Check your hours by logging into your account. Click on "My Account”. Click on "$My Invoice/Payment". Choose the tab labeled "Service Hours.”


Q: What if we leave the team?

A: If a family leaves the team, they will be pro-rated for the month that they leave and will be charged for the hours owed.


Q: What if I forget to submit my hours after a home meet and I am billed for those hours?

A: Once billed for hours, a member cannot be reimbursed, even if those hours were worked.  The hours, however, can be submitted for the following year and will not be lost.  It is the responsibility of each member to keep track of their hours.