The LCFY Triathlon program will focus on developing both youths and adults for participation and excellence in triathlons.  The core focus of the program is on skill development, conditioning, and sports education across the three disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running.  The youth program will coincide with the LCFY Sharks Swim team for a majority of the swim practices although swimming practices will be less than those of the swim team if desired.  Through the spring and summer,   Adult sessions will focus on swim conditioning, stroke development, and preparation for open water swimming.  Private coaching can be scheduled to focus on any one of the disciplines. 

Youth Triathlon Season Prep

Sessions will include a mix of swimming, cycling and running. Participants will use their own bikes on indoor trainers

Youth Summer Triathlon

Days will vary, swim sessions will be in conjunction with LCFYMCA Sharks Swim Team on select days. 


For more information Contact Coach Todd