Contact Us

One of the best ways to contact us at BSR is via e-mail. You can contact the members of our Board of Directors via email using the links below. Our phone number is primarily for in-season use and voicemail is checked occasionally during the off-season.


Mailing Address

PO BOX 499

Bowie, MD, 20718

Telephone Number



Physical Address

12728 Midwood Lane

Bowie, MD, 20715



Board of Directors

TBA,  Contact President
Term Expires TBA

Vice President
TBA,  Contact Vice-President
Term Expires TBA



TBA,  Contact Secretary
Term expires TBA

TBA, Contact Treasurer
Term Expires TBA



Social Committee
TBA, Contact Social
Term Expires TBA




Membership Contact
TBA, Contact Membership
Term Expires TBA




Facilities Chair
TBA, Contact Facilities 
Term Expires TBA

Special Assistant/Swim Chair
TBA, Contact Swim Chair


The Board is structured into 4 working committees. If you are interested in working with one of these sub-committees then please contact the Chair of the committee for more information.

  1. Membership Committee: TBA 
  2. Social/Activities Committee: TBA
  3. Facilities and Grounds Committee: TBA
  4. Finance Committee: TBA

The President is a member of all of the committees by default.

The current Board of Directors: Nicole Boynes (2022), Steve Clark (2021), Chris King (2023), Cathy 
Wintersteen-Kolb (2023), Cameron Millspaugh (2021), Fiona Moodie (2022), Jason Swindell (2023), Greg Turner (2021), Jodi Yaculak (2022)