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Masters Swim

Welcome to North Aquatics Club Masters Swim Team

(formerly Lincoln-Way Masters) 

To register for the upcoming season please see the Events page on the NAC website or click on link below.  Registration runs from Jan. to June and Aug. to Dec. each year.

Cost: $150 for the January to June season and $100 from August/September to December season

ALL MEMBERS MUST REGISTER WITH USMS FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES.  Please use the following link to register online: (the club name is IM (Illinois Masters) and the workout group is NAC (North Aquatics Club Masters).



We are an 18 and older adult swim team open to all ages (18 and older) and ability levels.  Some members are former high school and college swimmers while other are triathletes and some members swim for recreation and to stay in shape. No matter what your reason for swimming, it's always more motivating and fun to swim with a team!  

We offer 3 coached workouts a week with 3-4 different swimming groups during each practice with yardage ranging from 2000-4000 during the allotted practice time.  Lanes are organized by ability level and amount of yardage that will be completed during that practice.  

As a team we do compete in masters swim meets, although they are completely optional.  Each year as a team, we try to attend the Illinois State swim meet (usually in April) and occasionally the National swim meet (usually April/May) depending on its location.  Besides swimming, we also encourage team comradery  with an after the holidays party in January, summer get together and occasionally dinner/drinks after practice. 

Location of Practices:  Lincoln-Way East High School, 201 Colorado Ave., Frankfort, IL 60423  

Days/Times of Practices: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:30pm.  However, days/times of practices are subject to change due to availability of the pool and schedules with the high school sports/activities.  THIS SCHEDULE IS CURRENT UNTIL AGE GROUP SHARKS START MID APRIL 2022 THEN THE SCHEDULE WILL CHANGE.

Coaches: Valerie Williams and Chuck Roth

All new members are welcome to come try us out for a week before deciding to join.  Please feel free to stop by during a practice to meet the coaches and to have your questions answered.   

Email [email protected] for any other questions.

We hope to see you in the pool!