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Team Suits

Swim Suit Guidelines

  • Meet suits need to be tight fitting. If suit is loose or baggy anywhere it is too big. You should not be able to pinch any loose material while the suit is on.
  • Jammers need to be above the knees, low to mid-thigh and tight. Girls suits--the straps should stretch to the bottom of the earlobe, no higher.
  • Body parts should remain covered when moving arms on backstroke or touching toes. There will be a little rise on the bottom, but when the suit is wet it will fit. The suit may feel tight and uncomfortable at first, that is ok if the above guidelines are met. They do loosen up a bit in the water.
  • Meet suits are to be worn for picture day and meets only.
  • Practice suits are okay to be loose.

Swim Suit Purchasing

Group purchasing and discounts for the 2019 season will be available again at Big 5 on Laguna Boulevard (link to Google Maps.) Big 5 is in the process of getting sizing kits for all suits. Group order dates will be posted here once they're is ready for fittings.


Piranhas Girls' Diamondfit Suit, frontPiranhas Girls' Diamondfit Suit, front

TYR Plexus Women's Diamondfit - $60

Piranhas Girls' Cutoutfit Suit, frontPiranhas Girls' Cutoutfit Suit, front

TYR Plexus Women's Cutoutfit - $60


Piranhas Boys' Jammer Suit

TYR Plexus Men's Jammer - $38

Piranhas Boys' Racer Suit

TYR Plexus Men's Racer - $34