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I have questions about how to join the team. Who do I contact?

I have decided to join. What do I need to do?
Once you have completed your two-week free trial, you will need to go to our home page and click on the Register Here button near the top-right corner.

How strong of a swimmer does my child need to be in order to join?
They must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke for 25 yards, which is the length of most indoor pools. If they cannot swim the minimum, we have a swim lesson and recreation program to teach them the fundamentals until they are ready for the next step. The coaching staff will help you find the most appropriate program based on their skill level. Everybody has a place at Velocity Aquatics!

Where are practices located?
Our main practice locations are Sweet Home High School and Sweet Home Middle School. We also occasionally utilize other facilities. This information can be found under the Practice Schedule tab at the top of our website.

What if I am involved in other sports?
Most of our swimmers participate and thrive in other sports and activities. We offer multiple days of practice for all levels. 

How often are swim meets?
Swimmers can generally compete one or two weekends a month in age-appropriate settings suited to their competitive level. There are usually no swim meets in September, April and August.

Is there a lot of travel involved?
Most of our meets are in the Buffalo area, although we do offer the opportunity for the team to travel to meets in other areas. As our swimmers get faster, they might qualify for swim meets hosted in a variety of locations throughout the country.

How do I sign up for meets?
You can find a list of upcoming swim meets on our homepage by scrolling to the bottom or by clicking on Events/Meets under the Competitive Club tab at the top of the page. Detailed information regarding each meet, including the registration deadline, can be viewed by clicking on a specific meet. A meet packet, which includes the meet location, starting times, offered events, etc. is also included at the bottom. It is recommended that all families review this information.

All families are asked to commit or decommit to all meets. Any family that does not edit their commitment before the deadline will automatically be entered in the meet. To get started, first sign into the site and then click the pink Edit Commitment button on the meet page. From there you will select your swimmer’s name and declare Yes or No before clicking Save Changes. You can also add a note if there are certain days your child cannot attend. You must repeat these steps for each individual swimmer in your family.

After the deadline has passed, the coaches will start working on the entries and we will eventually post a PDF on the website. This will be located at the bottom of the meet page near the meet information packet. This PDF is a useful guide you can use to double check your swimmers’ entries. If it is a multi-day meet, we suggest that you compare the event numbers with those in the meet packet to make sure that you are available for each day. If the changes are brought to our attention too late, we may not be able to make any adjustments.

Please note that once we send in the entries each family is responsible financially for those entries. We recommend that if you still have questions regarding any of this, please contact your child’s coach and they will help you. After a meet or two, you will become a champion in understanding this process and can help new families in the future. 

What is the cost?
The base cost is the same for swimmers at all levels within the competitive program. Registration is paid when you join and the annual dues are broken down into monthly payments that are spread out over ten months of the year. The Velocity Aquatics fee schedule is based on retaining a high-quality staff, pool rental and USA Swimming membership benefits. Additional costs include meet entry fees and training equipment. Please click here to see that information.

Who does the coaching and what are their certifications?

We have a staff of professional and experienced coaches who love what they do. They are all certified through USA Swimming and are required to maintain CPR, Coaches Safety and First Aid, along with other coaching certifications.