Tri EMAC is a program within EMAC that aims to introuduce swimmers to the sport of Triathlon and train them for success.  Beginning in the summer of 2018 with a pilot program of about 10 athletes, we are committed to making this a long-term group that develops athletes who continue on participating in Triathlon into and beyond college.   

We believe that we NEED to keep year-round swimming fun.  We believe that developing swimmers NEED opportunities to participate in other sports to build muscle balance, agility, coordination, and bone density.  We believe that participating in Triathlon will serve these NEEDS, promoting increased abilities within the sport of swimming and other opportunities in running, biking, and triathlon.  

Tri EMAC members need to be aware of the racing opportunities and racing kits below.  

Tri EMAC Group Racing Kit (uniform)

Tri EMAC Racing Schedule

Tri EMAC Race Registration Sites

Tri EMAC Team Spirit Wear

Tri EMAC Race Rosters