Board Minutes

Topics to be covered at Parent Meeting: March 5, 2019 6pm

·      Coaching/Spring Session-Shared out that Coach Krista will be leaving the Sharks; the board will begin to search for a new swim coach and assistant coaches as well. Spring session would begin on April 22nd, same days/times as of right now.

·      Open Board Positions (Secretary, Meet Registrar, Treasurer (shadow 2019-2020 swim season))-Shared out positions needed on the Sharks Board. Anyone interested should reach out to President Bob Szkotak or email to: if interested or have questions.

·      Parent Volunteers/Fundraising-Shared out that we need the volunteers and ideas on Fundraising. If you have ideas or would like to volunteer please email your thoughts to:

·      Banquet- Sharks Banquet will be on March 25th from 6pm-8pm, catered by Sal's. More information on cost and sign-up will be coming in a Shark Alert. Volunteers for set up, take down, drinks, ordering cake would be greatly appreciated.

·      Questions/Concerns-Concern about board minutes not being posted, we will begin to post these under the tab "Board Minutes" on the home page. Ideas about how do we go forward about getting a new pool in the district/community. Some parents shared that they will get this going and maybe form a committee to get together with the Superintendent of Schools.


Monday February 25, 2019


·      Welcome/Good and New-shared out how exciting Silvers meet went in Binghamton.

·      Congrats to the Silvers Meet (Feb. 22nd-24th)-Coach discussed how well our swimmers did at Silvers and lead into swimmers who made Golds, Diane said she would send out emails to the families who will be going to Golds at Ithaca College.

·      Shark updates from Coach and President-Coach shared that she will be leaving the Sharks and will stay until a new coach is hired. President shared that he would like to get out the need of more volunteers for this club and to fill in other positions we have on the board. President will share this at the Open Membership Meeting.

·      Banquet (date/time, food, swimmer gifts)-Banquet will be on Monday March 25th at 6pm-8pm. Cafeteria 1 and 2 have been secured via electronic forms through district. Jill ordered swimmer gifts for banquet (she will bring invoice to next meeting for Dennis and Andrea). Lissa will connect with Sal's and find the information from last year and share out at next meeting her "findings". Talked about banquet decorations and to look for the Shark's banner to bring to banquet to get pictures next to it. Discussion about the Shark's mascot costume if it is still around, board members said they would look in the Shark's boxes to see if it is there. Would be fun to have someone dress up in the costume at the banquet.

·      Fundraising-Bob and Jen shared out ideas of fundraising they got from other swim clubs at the Silvers Meet. This will be a top priority for next year.

·      Other thoughts/concerns-discussion on hiring a new coach

·      Goals/Focus for next meeting

·      Next Sharks Board Meeting will be: Open Membership Meeting at High School 3/5/19



Wednesday February 13, 2019-MINUTES/NOTES TAKEN


·      Welcome/Good and New-meeting took place in the pool deck office and came to order at 7:45pm

·      Silvers Meet (Feb. 22nd-24th) questions/concerns?-discussed that Diane was going to get out Silvers Meet Registration directions with hotel information and any other guidance needed for the families going to Silvers Meet.

·      Parent Concerns-discussed a list of parent concerns, President and Co-President will address the concerns.

·      Banquet (date/time, food, swimmer gifts)-Diane will check on date’s available for cafeteria and go from there. Jill is going to research prices on swimmer gifts. Lissa will gather food information from last years banquet and will discuss next time we meet.***Diane found that March 18th and 19th are open for banquet dates. ***Jill has ordered the socks for our swimmers.

·      Spring Session-would start after Spring Break (April22nd)

·      Additional coach recruiting progress-discuss next time we meet posting of job/interviews/protocol on how to begin this process as a board

·      Fundraising-discussion that we really need to think about this for next session and future swim seasons. Concert help @ Amphitheater was an idea, Pancake Breakfast @ Applebees. We would like to get more parents involved in this and help with ideas.

·      Other thoughts/concerns

·      Goals/Focus for next meeting- get banquet all secured, and parent concerns addressed

·      Next Sharks Board Meeting will be: in the next two weeks

Meeting ended at 8:55pm