Job Information

Job descriptions are listed below. Jobs sign ups will be available on Wednesday, May 15 at 10:00 pm (hopefully).

Do you want a front row seat to the action in the pool? Do you have a keen eye and critical mind? We need you to be a stroke and turn judge! There will be a free training on Saturday, May 18 for this prestigious job! Please let us know right away if this is the job for you.

Our meets rely on parent volunteers. Thank you for your support, we could not do this without you! Please sign up for a minimum of two (2) Home Meets and one (1) Away Meet.

To sign up for jobs, please

1. go to the "Events" Tab and click on a swim meet.

2.Click on "Job Sign Up"

3. Choose a job you would like to volunteer for.

Job Descriptions:

Job Description
Announcer Announce the events for the entire meet.
Computer - Data Entry Enter swimmer data per for the entire meet.
Food Vendor Helper Help food vendor serve.
Hose Down Hose down sidewalk to keep cool and rinse swimmers of dirt and grass before events.
Hospitality Server Serve food to volunteers during meet.
Information Table Check in and direct meet volunteers. Provide information as needed.
Line Up Organize, contain, and ensure swimmers get into correct lanes.
Recorder Sit behind timers to record names and times for each event.
Ribbons As labels become available, you will apply the label to the appropriate place ribbon
Runner Collect lane information cards for each event and bring to computer table.
Set Up Help set up chairs, tables, and canopies before meet begins.
Starter Start the race for the swimmers. Please click the following link to watch the trainig video.
Stroke and Turn Look for incorrect strokes and turns. Additional training is required. Please click the following link and watch the 7 "Officiating" videos (approximately 40 minutes). 1. Intro; 2. Butterfly; 3. Backstroke; 4. Breastroke; 5. Freestyle; 6. Example; and 7. IM/Relays
Tear Down Help take down and put away chairs, tables, and tents after the meet ends.
Timer - Head Back up timer in case a lane timer fails.
Timer - Lane Time each event with provided stopwatch.
Custodial Empty trash cans and straighten up bathrooms.