TYDE placement sessions are designed to find the best fit and experience for a swimmer with the TYDE swim team based on technique and skill level.

Swimmers new to TYDE (or those who have not been involved with TYDE for more than one year) are asked to attend a TYDE New Swimmer Placement Session prior to registration.  At TYDE Placement Sessions, swimmers’ skills and abilities in the pool are evaluated for assignment to the TYDE practice group that best fits their current swimming level including swim lessons.  This process is designed to provide for each swimmer assignment in the practice group where they may have a positive swim experience.  For placement benchmarks and skill expectations, please see our GROUP STRUCTURE PAGE for more information.

At this time we have limited pool space, however we have an opportunity for TYDE placements for our 2020/2021 swim season.  New swimmers will need to attend a TYDE Placement before registering for a program.Practice groups at TYDE’s larger sites do fill up so we advise signing up for the earliest placement you can attend to have the best chance of getting into your requested practice location.


PLEASE NOTE: Placement Session recommendations are good for 60 days. If you do not enroll in a TYDE program within 60 days of the placement, we require that the swimmer attend another New Swimmer Placement Session before joining TYDE.  Based on placement date, Prep Level-qualifiers may be deferred entry to the next Prep Academy session, Bronze-approved swimmers may start after registration is complete


New TYDE Placement Dates will be scheduled for January 2nd and 16th at the Fulton Family YMCA 8:30am - the Next Prep Academy session begins January 4th 2021.

for one of our pre-scheduled TYDE PLACEMENTS

For placement questions, email