Most Commonly Asked Questions by Schooners Parents

  •    How many practices are we expected to attend each week?

We offer 4 practices a week. You may come as often or as little as you like, but we recommend that you try to make at least 3 per week. There is no practice attendance requirement. We offer practices  M-Th evenings.


  • What time are practices?

6:30PM-7:15PM for 8&Unders and 7:15PM-8:15PM for 9&Overs. 


  • How will I be notified if practice is cancelled?

A mass email will be sent out to notify you of a cancelled practice. Please remember that summer weather in Louisiana is very difficult to predict and we will try very hard to give you ample warning before practices are cancelled. If you do not have access to email before practice starts, and the weather is iffy, you can always call the front desk.


  • Do I need to stay at practice with my child?

It is unnecessary for you to stay at practice with your swimmer. However, you will need to be prompt to pick up swimmers after practice.


  • How will I know who my child’s coach is?

The coaches will be introduced at the first practice, and just before each practice the head coach calls out for each group of swimmers, where they join their coach to walk to the pool. The coaches will also be posted on the team web site.


  • Where do we find out about meets and other important information?

After you join Schooners, you will be sent an email giving you instructions on how to set up a user name and password for the Schooners website. You can check the website for updated meet information. Go to the website, and click on MEETS. You can check which meets you will be able to attend. If you do not enter your swimmer in a meet, coaches will assume you are not swimming at that meet and your swimmer will not be entered. It is very important that you enter your swimmer in the meets that you will be attending!!


  • Can I register late for a meet?

           No. A meet is a very complicated event to organize. The host teams must know in advance which                          swimmers are attending their meet. It is too difficult to enter a swimmer the day of a meet.


  • Where and when are meets held?

Meets are held at various pools around the Mandeville area (Franco’s, Pelican Athletic Club, Tchefuncte Country Club, Beau Chene Country Club). They are often held weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings. Most of our dual meet this year will be held on weekday evenings at Francos. We will have 3 dual/tri meets during the season, an intersquad meet, divisionals, and a Championship meet to conclude our summer swim season. In order to swim in the Championship meet you must have swum in at least two dual meets and earned qualifying times. The qualifying times are posted on the Schooners website, in addition to our entire meet schedule with dates.


  • Do I need a special suit for the Schooners?

You do not have to buy a special swimsuit, but we encourage you to buy a team suit. To purchase a team suit, go to the website and click on SCHOONERS CUSTOM TEAM APPAREL. They are royal blue with black trim for the girls, and solid blue for the boys. You can order directly from the team site.


  • How do I know what size suit to purchase?

            We have a suit sizing kit that you can use to try on suits. Note that these suits should be tight fitting for                   competition purposes.


  • What should we bring to meets?

            It is a good idea for your swimmer to have a backpack with at least two towels, a team swim cap, and a                 pair of goggles. You might also want to bring folding chairs. Some venues allow for you to bring your own               food or drink, while others do not. It is also a good idea to bring some games for your swimmer to keep                   them occupied. You MUST also bring cash in order to buy heat sheets.


  • What is a heat sheet?

            Heat sheets are a program that list all the events of the meet. It lists each event in order and each event is             broken into HEATS. The number of heats will be determined by the number of swimmers entered in each               event. Each swimmer will be assigned a lane in a specific heat based on previous times in that event.                     Heat Sheets are very useful in making sure your swimmer knows when they are swimming and in which                 lane.


  • How do I know if my child is swimming in a relay and how are they determined?

           Have your swimmer check with their coach to see if they are on a relay team. Relays are typically                          determined by the fastest combination of 4 swimmers in an age group. Have your swimmer check with                    their coach before you leave the meet to see if they are needed on any relay teams. This can change                    during the course of a meet.


  • What are some of the things I can do to help the Schooners during the summer?

 We need parent volunteers to help the meets run smoothly. If anyone is interested in being a stroke judge or official, we will be offering an official’s clinic early in the summer, Sunday May 19th in the conference room from 5-6pm. If we have a good number of parents who cannot make this date, we can accommodate and schedule another clinic. We also need parents to be timers at EVERY meet. We would like to have one parent become the Schooners “head timer” to organize our timers at each meet. If you are interested, please notify Coach Heidi before the first meet. You can sign up on teamunify when you enter your child into a meet, for volunteering positions such as working at the hospitality and timing. When it comes time to sort and organize awards from meets, we also need parent help.


  • Who is the head coach?

           Heidi Fritscher is Schooners’ Head Coach. She is a former Franco’s FINS and Mandeville High School                  swim team swimmer and captain, and currently a swimmer at Oklahoma Christian University, serving a                  swim team representative for the school’s SAAC. Heidi is will be a Junior at OC come fall 2019 and is a                  Math Education major. Heidi started swimming summer league at the age of 4, and has been swimming                competitively ever since.


  • What is the best form of communication?

Email is the best way to communicate with your coach as well as Coach Heidi. These emails are listed on our teamunify webpage.


  • What does my child need to bring to practice?

            The only two items required for daily practice are a pair of goggles and a swimsuit. A swim cap is strongly               suggested, especially for any swimmer with longer hair. It is recommended that swimmers bring their own             towels to practice since the high demand for towels during the summer is a strain on the housekeeping                   staff of Franco’s.