Our Awesome Partners

Age Group Coordinators: The age group volunteers are responsible for manning the designated area for their age group, keeping order, getting kids ready for their events and passing them off to the ready bench group. Volunteers begin before warm-ups by writing the events on their hand/arm with a sharpie.  Job ends when all of the swimmers in their age group are done swimming and the area is cleaned up.  


Head Timer: This person is in charge of timing each race as a back up.  If a timer has trouble they will raise their hand to indicate they need you to time their lane.


Timers: Timers are responsible for keeping a time for their assigned lane during each event. At home meets the timer is also responsible for recording the time on the lane sheet and the  swimmer’s event card  during a relay.


Heat Winner Ribbons: This person is responsible for giving the winner of each heat a ribbon in individual events. We do not give a heat winner ribbon during relay races.


Runner: The runner is responsible for getting the completed lane sheets from the timers to the ribbon desk. The runner also takes the relay cards from the swimmers and runs them to the timers and then to the ribbon desk. This is an active position and you need to be ready to move quickly. Tennis shoes are recommended.


Ribbons: The volunteers are responsible for sorting swim cards and recording data into the computer system for ribbons and working closely with the meet director. The data includes swimmer name, event, swim time, and date.  This volunteer will also apply labels to ribbons and sort them into our folders.


Ready Bench: The ready bench is responsible for lining up the swimmers for each event. You will  ensure swimmers move from the bench to the chairs feeding up to the pool in the correct lane and heat.


Concessions: Concession volunteers help man the concession stand. You will prepare food  (nachos and hot dogs) and make change.  This job will be assigned last after all other volunteer positions are filled.