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Your Seadragons coaches work hard to make the season safe, fun and productive. Please feel free to contact them with your questions and concerns, however please do not occupy their time DURING practice.

Coach's general email:
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Jennifer Golden

Head Coach and Coach for 13 & over age group

Coach Jen

Coach Jen was born and raised in Southern California. As a true Californian, you will most likely see her in a tank top and rainbow sandals. Her love for the sport began in swim lessons when she was six years old. After trying soccer and tennis, she chose to swim because she didn’t like running, sweating and waking up early for lessons. Little did she know, swimming would make her do all that and more. Throughout her illustrious swimming career, Coach Jen was a distance freestyler, breaststroker and IM’er. She qualified for CIF (California’s equivalent to Districts) her senior year of high school in the 500 yard freestyle and just missed it for the 100 yard breaststroke. She also qualified for JO’s for the first time at the age of twelve during the long course season in the 200 meter breaststroke.  At the age of eighteen she finished third in the 200 meter breaststroke, making the podium for the first and last time. In college, she swam for a Division 1 university for all four years. She retired from swimming competitively in 2009 when she graduated from California State University Northridge with her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Though retired, she has always kept one foot in the swimming world. For the last ten years, she has been an official for the National Federation of High School Swimming, US Swimming, US Masters, and the NCAA.

Coach Jen moved to Ohio in July of 2015. The following September, she was hired as the Head Coach of Walnut Hills High School and was named Boys Coach of the Year for the Eastern Cincinnati Conference twice in the four years she coached there. She has had such a blast with the kids. Helping kids enjoy the sport of swimming and achieve their goals is such an amazing experience, one she wouldn't ever trade. This is her fourth year as the Head Coach for the Wyoming Seadragons and is so pumped up for the season! She is also received her Master's of Education degree from Xavier University in Coaching Education and Athlete Development.


Sabrina Chu

Coach for 11-12 age group

Happy bubbles everyone, I'm Sabrina Chu. I graduated from Wyoming High School and now entering my sophomore year at Eastern Illinois University studying Exercise Science. I grew up a competitive gymnast and swimmer and chose to focus on swimming my high school freshman year. As a WHS Cowboy and PCY Tigershark, I am a 2 time state qualifier and a 4 time national qualifier for YMCA nationals. I now swim Division 1 at Eastern Illinois University. I started swimming because I wanted to improve my life and stayed because I fell in love with the sport. My swim teams have become an extended family like no other, and I want to spread my love and passion for this sport. When not in the pool, I'm still at the pool lifeguard at the YMCA and volunteering at various swim events.  Having swam two summers for the Seadragons, I'm very excited to come back as coach!

Logan Adams

Coach for 11-12 age group

Hello! My name is Logan Adams and I will be coaching the 11 – 12 swim group this year. I’ve been swimming all my life and swimming competitively for the last 8 years. I am a sophomore enrolled in Wyoming High School and have been on the HS team the last two years in varsity. I really look forward to working with the kids and overall having a fun and productive season!



Brianna Connock

Coach for 9-10 age group

Coach Bri

My name is Brianna Connock. I am 18 years old and going into my first year at the University of Cincinnati to study political science in the honors program. I have been swimming since I was 8 years old, first for the Cincinnati Marlins and later for the PCY Tigersharks. I swam for Wyoming High school's varsity team four years, am a four-time State qualifier and 400 yard freestyle relay record holder, and was captain of the swim team my senior year. I have been on the Seadragons since I moved to Wyoming at 13 years old. My favorite strokes are freestyle and breaststroke, and short distances are my specialty. I will be continuing to swim on UC's club team. I am always in and around the Wyoming Family Aquatic Center, I have been working there for four years and am a headguard and part-time manager.

I absolutely love swimming and coaching for the Seadragons. Swimming has taught me the values of teamwork and commitment, and I love to promote a fun-filled and hardworking environment for my swimmers. Looking forward to an amazing season!

Ike Wickstrom

Coach for the 9-10 age group

Coach Ike

I have been swimming since I was four, when I was younger I used to be called shivers because I was too cold to stay in the water and sat on the edge of the pool shivering till I dried off. I like candy and seeing hard work. Other than that I have 7 nephews and enjoy working with children.
I will be attending University of Cincinnati this fall for architectural engineering, I am currently about to go to regionals for polevualting, I also ran cross country in the fall, and the high school swim team.  I was also involved in Boy Scouts.


Mikaela Elliott

Coach for 8 & under age group

Coach Mikaela

Hello everyone! I am a 16 year old attending Wyoming high school and will be starting my senior year in the fall. I have swam for the Wyoming Seadragons for 12 years and swam for the PCY Tigersharks for 10 years. I’ve attended state for 3 years and qualified for YMCA nationals 5 times. This is my second year coaching and I am incredibly excited to have an amazing year with all our swimmers! I’m sure we will all have an amazing season!

Lauren Montgomery

Coach for 8 & under age group


Spencer Boyd

Coach for 8 & under age group

Coach Spencer

Hey guys, I’m Spencer Boyd! I’m a rising Senior at 7hills. I have been swimming on the Seadragons since I was 5; I have also been a year round swimmer for the PCY Tigersharks since I was 6. As a club swimmer, I have won numerous awards, broken records, and swam at a lot of elite meets. As high school swimmer, I have qualified for state two times, districts three times, and been a member of the All Ohio team, All MVC team, All District team and more.
Outside of swimming, I play baseball year round, run my own Non Profit, called Sole Bros, and am a dedicated student!
I am super stoked to be coaching the 8 & Under age group again and can’t wait to see what we can do this year!




Ariel Gray

Coach for 8 & under age group

Coach Ariel

My name is Ariel Gray, I am 16 years old and going into my senior year at Saint Ursula Academy. I started swimming for the Cincinnati Marlins when I was 5 years old and have been swimming with them since. I have also swum for the Divisions 1 SUA High school Swim team for 3 years and am looking forward to my last year. My parents initially started my swimming so I could learn how to swim well but I fell in love with the sport right away. I am also a lifeguard at the Wyoming Family Aquatic Center and taught swim lessons last year through. This will be my 11th year swimming for the Seadragons and I am so excited for this first year of coaching. 

Jaime Donovan

Coach for 8 & under age group

Coach Jaime

Hey everyone, I’m Jaime Donovan and I am 17 years old. My favorite strokes are the IM and butterfly. I am a junior at St. Xavier High School and truly enjoy the sport of swimming! I have been swimming for the Seadragons since I was 6 and the PCY Tigersharks since I was 7 where I competed in two YMCA National meets. Along with these two teams, I am also on the swimming and diving team at St. Xavier where we have the best camaraderie among a group of guys in Ohio, and I hope to bring this enthusiasm to the Seadragons in a fun-loving way to help everyone get to know one another better! This is half of my main goal to achieve this season; I also want to help the kids improve all of their strokes, but also have fun while they’re swimming to help them grow to love the sport as much as I have. 

With all of this experience swimming in the water, I am eager to get in the other side of things and teach others how swimming is the best sport around!

Cathy Black

Coach for Junior Seadragons group

Coach Cathy

Coach Cathy is thrilled to be rejoining the Seadragon coaching staff as a coach for the Junior Seadragons. This will be Cathy’s fourth year working with the Junior Seadragons and her 13th year swimming on the Seadragon Team. Cathy was also a swimmer for the PCY Tigersharks for ten years.  Cathy’s favorite part about being on the Seadragons is the feeling of family, and the friends she’s made. The pool and the people have become her home and her family. Through her past years of being a coach for the Junior Seadragons, she has learned things about the sport of swimming that no coach could ever teach her. The Junior Seadragons are some of the most remarkable swimmers she’s ever seen. The improvement that these kids make throughout the season are incredible. She has seen the amount determination and sheer courage it takes to swim a lap across the pool or to jump off the blocks for the first time. They inspire her to be the best she can be.

Coach Cathy is going into her senior year at Wyoming High School. She can’t wait to be a coach and a teammate this year, and see what this season has to offer.


Margaret Brink

Coach for Junior Seadragons group

Coach Margaret

Coach Margaret has been splashing around Wyoming for 6 years, swimming with the Seadragons, Wyoming High School and Middle School teams, and got her start as a Swordfish. Her favorite event is the 100M Backstroke, but she really, really loves coaching the Junior Seadragons. Margaret has coached
Jr. Seadragons since last summer and can’t wait to get back in the water with them. She loves watching them learn a sport she loves too and enjoys watching her Juniors make progress through the season. Margaret comes from a long line of fantastic teachers and coaches; she gets her coaching inspiration and motivation from her favorite coach…Coach Carrie.

Margaret will be a sophomore at Wyoming High School in the fall, where she is also a member of the marching band and Varsity softball team. Look for her in the flute section in the fall or at 2nd base in the spring. She will spend this summer swimming and coaching with the Seadragons, lifeguarding at the Wyoming Golf Club, and taking a trip to New Orleans with the marching band.


Dori Miller

Coach for Junior Seadragons group

Coach Dori

My name is Dori Miller, I am 16 years old and will be a senior at Wyoming High School. I have been swimming competitively for the PCY Tigersharks for 7 years, Wyoming Schools for 5 years, and the Wyoming Seadragons for 8 years. I've been apart of the varsity swim team every year in high school, qualified for districts all three years, and was a state qualifier in the 500 freestyle my junior year. I primarily swim distance freestyle, breaststroke, and IM. I worked in the childcare department at the Wyoming Rec Center for over a year, and have helped teach water safety clinics at different YMCAs in Cincinnati. Swimming is an amazing sport that teaches us all important life lessons and offers many opportunities and I'm thankful to be apart of it!

Kendra Egner

Coach for Junior Seadragons group

Coach Kendra

I have been with the Wyoming Seadragons every summer for 8 years! I am thrilled to be coaching Junior Seadragons for the second season because I remember how good my coaches made me feel about swimming when I was an 8 and under Seadragon! I love being a part of the Wyoming Seadragons because it teaches me how to be a part of a team and I also get to have fun while doing a sport I have loved for many years! I love swimming in general because I get to learn something new every day and I enjoy the thrill I get when I set a new best time and set new goals for myself! In the fall of 2019 I will be a sophomore at Wyoming High School. In addition to swimming, I love playing softball and singing. I have performed with WHS choir around Wyoming and other communities and have a deep passion for singing. I was also on the WHS varsity softball team this past spring.