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  • Conejo Simi Swim Club (CSSC) is a USA Swimming Team. All of their meets are sanctioned meets that adhere to USA Swimming Rules, so that times are official for the National Database (SWIMS).
  • The Swim Team requires new participants to already have the knowledge of all 4 competitive strokes. 
  • The New Pre-Team will be available for September - November and February - May.
  • Monthly Dues Range between $75 - $175 per month based on the group.
  • USA Swimming Membership is required for any person that participates in any workout for our program.
  • We do not require attendance. We recommend that swimmers attend at least twice a week at the beginning levels. As they progress their attendance should increase. Those swimmers who have goals to make Senior and National Level Meets should plan to make 100% of the workouts. No excuse or other workout replaces or makes up for a missed workout, as each practice has a planned emphasis and goal that is different from other days of the week or even month.
  • Swim Meets are not required. They are encouraged. Competing and demonstrating what one has learned at practice is an important part of how the sport of swimming develops children to become young adults. Being happy with what is learned and time improvement can help with self-esteem. The bad swims allow swimmers to deal with dissappointing results, and to teach that it is to be used as fuel to work harder for the next time. It is all part of process to developing successful individuals.