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2019 CAT Hawaii Training Trip
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Day 8 - Tuesday, June 25

Second to last day!

Today we swam at Sharks Cove. It was wonderful and we saw tons of different kinds of fish 🐠 🐟 The weather held up on our side of the island for the morning.

Then it was off to swim practice. After, we were able to head back to Bellows AFB Recreation Area and Beach. It pretty much poured the whole time but the thunder and lightening had not hit yet so it was still fun! There was a major flood alert on our way back but we were all ok and made it home safely. Nearly a full day tomorrow and then we will head home!

Some of our musings:
This has been an amazing trip. Being a chaperone is exhausting!

Things I have learned:

Feeding 34 kids daily is exhausting 

Rick has a problem judging distance, “oh it is super close!”

Always get final location when following Rick because he will lose you

Rick Island GPS is sometimes the long way and google maps really does know best

This is sometimes a false statement

This is not a vacation for swimmers or chaperones 

Sometimes the girls and boys need to be separated

You can glean some good gossip driving a van full of teenagers.

Car wash/vacuum attendants near pool were great

All Hawaii 15 passenger vans are Hoopties!

Man-o-wars are bad but amazingly avoided them this trip

Sharks Cove does not mean you will see sharks

Bri “substitute chaperone” convinced Rick popsicles don’t have too much sugar! As she supplied the team.

Trading food stuff between condos at 10pm sucks

Pizza on the wrong side of the island is not better

Costco pizza at $130 is just as good as $320 pizza

Davin can’t keep his hat!

Karen can NOT back track!

Flexibility is a virtue 

Chaperones get more tired than the swimmers even though we don’t have the 3 hour swim each day

Just keep driving, just keep driving!

You will love the trip!

You should volunteer for next time!

Your 2019 Hawaii Chaperones ❤
Karen, Mark and Cynthia

Days 4-8 - Friday-Tuesday, June 21-25

I have failed in my chaperone duties of getting a posting out every night! I had such good intentions! This is taking all of our collective brain power to remember what we have done for the last 4 days!
Seriously, we are having a great time but this schedule is killing the chaperones! Your kids? They are doing amazing!!! They just want to go go go!

Diamond head hike. Beautiful views!
Electric beach- some of the kids found the exhaust pipe from the power plant where there is supposed to be great fish viewing. I am sure you won’t have 3 headed grandchildren!

Open water- Amazing! All the kids did so well. We had a first place finisher (Gabi) and several 2nd and 3rd place finishers (Liam, Matthew, Andrew, Ellie, Vivi)
Bellows AFB recreation area- My favorite beach so far! As a Florida Native I love to body surf and these kids picked it up fast! Perfect waves and so much fun!

Swap meet- great cheap shopping!
Ka’ena Point State Park- fun time in the sand. Short break so we mainly floated around.

USS Arizona Memorial- Really nice morning learning some history and trying to grasp the gravity of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The actual memorial was closed but we went on a boat ride around the harbor that was very nice and informative.
Vacuum cars- ordeal!
Malasadas- similar to puffed up donuts. Rick allowed one per swimmer!😁
Waikiki- little bit of time for shopping and then off the the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It was actually really nice! (I had been wary about it!😂)

Tuesday!!!! We are getting close!
We are at Sharks Cove this morning. Did some amazing snorkeling and having a bit of down time before heading to practice.

Your Amazing (-ly tired) Chaperones!

Day 3 - Thursday, June 20

Hi Families!

Today was our Waimea Bay open water practice session. These kids are incredible! Imagine swimming 1/2 mile getting out and running 200 yards up the beach just to do it again. Then they practiced starts and finishes by running down, swimming a bit and then back up the steepest slope of the beach. They all seemed to love it. It was amazing!

Next, we headed to Haleiwa for some morning shopping and to scope out what we would do in the evening. After that they had their 2nd swim practice of the trip.

We headed to Dole for some tourist time and then back to Haleiwa for dinner and a fantastic sunset.

Rick keeps us on the move! The kids are doing great, I am not so sure about us chaperones!!!

Until tomorrow,
Your Hawaii 2019 Chaperones 

Day 2 - Wednesday, June 19

Aloha Families!

Your swimmers are doing great! They just completed their first of 7 (I think) three hour practices. All of them seem to have great positive attitudes. Must be the Hawaiian Air!

Currently, we are at the North Shore playing at the beach. Everyone is being very conscientious about their sunscreen! Yay! We spent the early morning down at Waikiki Beach, walking around and surfing. Then it was off to the pool, located inland a bit, and then up and over to get back to the North Shore. Rick keeps us busy and I am sure we will all sleep well tonight!

The condos are great! I hope to check in regularly! And don't forget to check out the photos link.

Your tired but happy Chaperones 😁🌴