Meet Information
2019 Division 2 Championship Meet information for July 20


Volunteers are still needed!
1st half open volunteer spots

2nd Half open volunteer spots

2 - Clerks of Course
1 - Safety Marshall
1 -  Ribbon writers
1 -Crossing Guard (sign up under Parking please)
Handwriters will be posted here Friday 
For Set Up Friday night.  We need as many hands as we can get to put up the huge white tent (it's like a barn raising, only easier), load drinks/ice in coolers, put up the stands that hold the ropes around the pool.  This takes a village people!  
Arrival time is 6:35 a.m.  ace with rolling eyes to check in with the coaches.  They are warming up at 6:50a.m.  We will have the Timers meeting at 7:45 and Judges meeting at 7:30.  Timers will meet near the swimmers entrance and Judges will meet near the front desk in the pool house.  If you are volunteering, please check in with Beth Reiten when you arrive to let her know you're there.  Meet will start at 8:05 a.m.  Show your team spirit by wearing a team shirt or Rockin' your Red!
Team area will be different this week!
We will be splitting our area with Spring Ridge.  As you are facing our area, we will be splitting this area down the middle,  they will have the right hand side.  If space fills up, go straight back across the sidewalk. The link above has the seating area for Divisionals.
 For the meet:
We ask that you not park on Magnolia on Saturday.  If for some crazy reason you do park there, do not park on the college side.  This is an emergency vehicle route, so we'd like to keep it clear for them.  Remember to drive slow when on campus at all times, but especially on our home meets as we have several children and families who aren't familiar with our campus and may cross at a non crosswalk area.  Our swimmers are on the opposite side of the road from the pool, please make sure you and your children are crossing at the cross walks.  When you arrive, you may drive up to the team area and unload your gear quickly and then park. Also attached is a layout of our team area, clerk of course area and visiting team area.  Our concessions will be on the porch of Gambrill Hall where we hold our Pep rallies.  Bring any food donations there as soon as you arrive.
There is a swimmers only entrance at the top of the pool where the blocks are.  If you want to go in and watch the meet, you will need to enter through the doors at the shallow end (tennis court side) , as most do for practice, or through the pool house entrance.  We need to keep that area free of any extra bodies other than the 24 timers, coaches, Judges, water and Heat sheet runners, the Starter and starter system, oh, and  the 8-32 swimmers that will be occupying that small area!!!