2020-2021 Season Information

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2020-2021 GMVY Wahoos Swim Team

General Information, Schedules, and Fees


                The GMVY Wahoos are a competitive swim team based out of Middletown YMCA competing in the Southwest Ohio YMCA Swim League. We are also a USA Swimming registered team allowing for further exposure to different levels of competition. We compete in two seasons; The Short Course season (training and competitions in 25 yard pools) runs from September through March/April, The Long Course season (training in both 25 yards/meters pools as well as 50 meter pools with competitions in 50 meter pools) runs from late April/early May through July/August.


                Competitions this season will begin as virtual competitions/intrasquad meets. At this point, the Southern Ohio YMCA Swim League is still planning on holding their championship meets at the end of the season but will reassess at the beginning of the New Year.



OPEN 8/20/2020-8/27/2020


OPEN 8/22/2020-TBD






THERE WILL BE A VIRTUAL INFORMATIONAL PARENT MEETING ON AUGUST 27th, 2020 FROM 6:30pm-7:30pm. Please be on the lookout for a Zoom Meeting Invitation!


Questions? Contact Head Coach, Brett Burns at [email protected], [email protected], or 937-479-4198 or visit our website:









YMCA Membership

Per the National YMCA Rules that Govern Competitive Sports, all swimmers competing for a YMCA team must be full privilege members of the YMCA Association that they are representing. For the Great Miami Valley YMCA Association, this means that they can be members of any one of our branches (Fitton Family YMCA, Fairfield Family YMCA, Atrium Family YMCA, Middletown Area Family YMCA, or East Butler County YMCA) to be eligible.


Practice Groups

**Important Update: The group formerly known as the “WHITE” group will now be the “BLUE 1 GROUP”. The group formerly known as the “BLUE” group will now be the “BLUE 2 GROUP”.  


Silver 1 Group [Age Group Beginner] (typically 4-9): The Silver 1 group is our first phase of age group development. Swimmers will learn to swim the four competitive strokes legally and begin to learn how to swim them faster as well as learning the basics of starts and turns.


Silver 2 Group [Age Group Beginner to Intermediate] (typically 9-12): The Silver 2 group is our second phase of age group development. Swimmers must be able to perform all four competitive strokes legally in order to join this group. Silver 2 swimmers will be challenged to further develop and refine their technique, starts, and turns, and will be introduced to race strategy, basic elements of conditioning, and how to think critically as a swimmer.


Blue 1 Group [Age Group Intermediate] (11-14): The Blue 1 group is limited to 11-14 year old swimmers who are still developing technique and are ready for the next challenge but have not quite met the pre-requisite to join the Gold or Blue 2 group. The emphasis in this group will be heavy on continuing technique development and will begin to further introduce race strategy, mental preparation, and elements of conditioning.


Blue 2 Group [Age Group Advanced] (typically 10-14): The Blue 2 group is a training/conditioning group for age group swimmers. Technique development will still be a priority but there will be a much stronger emphasis on conditioning, race strategy, and mental preparation. Blue 2 group will continue to develop flexibility and dryland exercises with a higher degree of intensity. This group has a pre-requisite test set that must be completed before being allowed to join.

  • No practice attendance requirements, however, with the conditioning element involved in this group, swimmers will have trouble keeping up if they are not regularly attending practices (i.e. minimum of 4 per week).



















Senior Group [Senior Intermediate] (typically 14-18): All high school age swimmers not invited to the Gold Group must register for the senior group. The senior group will focus on continued refinement of competitive stroke techniques as well as a heavier emphasis on training and conditioning for optimal performance. Senior swimmers are also expected to participate in leadership and volunteer opportunities representing the team and the GMVY association.

Gold Group (Typically 11-18): The Gold Group is our “Elite Level” senior group. It consists of experienced high school age swimmers (and experienced non-high school swimmers at the invitation of the Head Coach) who consistently practice and perform at highly competitive levels. Stroke technique, mental preparation, strength and stability training, and more will be emphasized within this group. This group will have a VERY heavy emphasis on training/conditioning.


Swimmers must have previous performances wherein they have achieved more challenging swimming standards. This group is meant to be more demanding and will require a higher level of commitment than the Senior Group. Minimum attendance and performance requirements must be met to be eligible for Gold Group:

  1. Athletes must have achieved a minimum of one Southwest Ohio YMCA AA time standard or faster (Zones, Y Nationals, USA JR and SR Nationals) within the past 12 months.
  2. Athletes must attend a minimum of 90% of practices. Attendance will be tracked.
  3. Athletes are REQUIRED to have all necessary equipment at ALL practices.




























Practice Schedule


Due to the coronavirus restrictions, the practice schedule has changed considerably for the upcoming season. Our goal at GMVY is to keep our families and swimmers safe by complying with recommended guidelines from the CDC and USA Swimming as well as maximizing the opportunities for our athletes. We did not want to “cut” anyone from the team who wished to return from last season. The schedule may not be what we’ve been used to doing, but it was designed to allow ALL swimmers wishing to return, an opportunity to do so.


Silver 1 Group:

Monday                                                               5:30pm-6:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Tuesday and Wednesday                                   7:00pm-8:00pm at EAST BUTLER Y


Silver 2 Group:

Monday                                                               5:30pm-6:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Tuesday and Wednesday                                   7:00pm-8:30pm at EAST BUTLER Y


Blue 1 (Formerly WHITE) Group:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday       5:30pm-6:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y         


Blue 2 Group:

Monday-Thursday                                           6:30pm-8:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Friday                                                                    5:15pm-6:45pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Saturday                                                              10:00am-12:00pm at MIDDLETOWN Y


*Senior Group:

Monday                                                               3:30pm-5:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Wednesday                                                        3:30pm-5:30pm at EAST BUTLER Y

Friday                                                                    3:30pm-5:15pm at MIDDLETOWN Y


*Gold Group:

Monday AM**                                                 5:30am-7:00am at MIDDLETOWN Y

Monday PM                                                       3:30pm-5:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Tuesday                                                               3:30pm-5:30pm at EAST BUTLER Y

Wednesday AM                                                               5:30am-7:00am at MIDDLETOWN Y

Wednesday PM                                                                3:30pm-5:30pm at EAST BUTLER Y

Thursday                                                             3:30pm-5:30pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Friday AM                                                           5:30am-7:00am at MIDDLETOWN Y

Friday PM                                                            3:30pm-5:15pm at MIDDLETOWN Y

Saturday                                                              7:00am-10:00am at MIDDLETOWN Y


*Strength training will still be a part of the training program for Gold and Senior groups but may require a different scheduling solution. We are currently in communication with our strength coach and will communicate that schedule to Gold and Senior groups as soon as possible.


**Gold group will begin morning practices this season. 8th graders, freshman, and anyone who is prohibited from attending because of distance from Middletown/time of school starting is exempt.



GMVY Wahoos

2020-2021 Short Course Practice Schedule









5:30-7am @ Middletown


3:30-5:30pm @ Middletown

3:30p-5:30p @ East Butler

5:30-7am @ Middletown


3:30-5:30pm @ East Butler

3:30p-5:30p @ Middletown

5:30-7am @ Middletown


3:30p-5:15p @ Middletown

7:00a-10:00a @ Middletown



3:30-5:30 @ Middletown


3:30-5:30 @ East Butler


3:30-5:15 @ Middletown


Blue 2 (All @ Middletown)

6:30p-8:30p @ Middletown

6:30p-8:30p @ Middletown

6:30p-8:30p @ Middletown

6:30p-8:30p @ Middletown

5:15p-6:45p @ Middletown

10:00a-12:00p @ Middletown

Blue 1 (All @ Middletown)


5:30p-6:30p @ Middletown

5:30p-6:30p @ Middletown

5:30p-6:30p @ Middletown



Silver 2

5:30p-6:30p @ Middletown

7:00p-8:30p @ East Butler

7:00p-8:30p @ East Butler




Silver 1

5:30p-6:30p @ Middletown

7:00p-8:00p @ East Butler

7:00p-8:00p @ East Butler














Fee Schedule

The fees and requirements associated with the team are listed below:

  1. Registration Fee
  2. Team Fee
  3. Meet Fees
  4. Fundraising Requirement
  5. Volunteer Requirement


Fees will be collected by the Welcome Center at the Middletown YMCA. At the time of registration, you will be responsible for paying the registration fee and choosing a payment method for the team fees as well as setting up an auto-debit authorization for the meet fees*. Methods of payment must be set up with the Y prior to September 17th.  

*We may not have as many meet fees this year as competitions will begin as virtual competitions. We are waiting to see how the league plans on handling meets this season while COVID restrictions are still in place.


Online Registration (via Team Unify, will begin Thursday, August 20th for all returning swimmers. In-person Registration at the Middletown Y will begin Saturday, August 22nd.


  1. Registration Fee
  • Goes directly towards purchasing the items listed in parentheses below for the athlete


Gold, Senior, Blue, White, and Silver 2: $120

($69 USA Swimming registration fee, $3 Team Unify fee, $37 3 team t-shirts, $10 2 team caps)



Silver 1: $50

($3 Team Unify fee, $37 3 team t-shirts, $10 2 team caps)


  • Please note that Silver 1 does not receive a USA Swimming registration. If a Silver 1 swimmer wishes to compete in USA Swimming meets, let us know and we will help you with obtaining the USA Swimming registration which must be purchased.


















  1. Team Fee
  • The Team Fee goes towards helping offset the amount of money it takes to cover the coaches’ wages for practices and meets. The Team Fees do not cover all costs involved with running a year-round competitive team.


Senior & Gold: $1260 or $140/mo for 9 months. If choosing the monthly payment option, payments are due on the 17th of each month and start 9/17 with the last payment due on 5/17.

-Long Course season included at no extra cost.


Blue 2: $864 or $96/mo for 9 months. If choosing the monthly payment option, payments are due on the 17th of each month and start 9/17 with the last payment due on 5/17.

-Long Course season included at no extra cost.


Blue 1: $864 or $96/mo for 9 months. If choosing the monthly payment option, payments are due on the 17th of each month and start 9/17 with the last payment due on 5/17.

-Long Course season included at no extra cost.


Silver 2: $774 or $86/mo for 9 months. If choosing the monthly payment option, payments are due on the 17th of each month and start 9/17 with the last payment due on 5/17.

-Long Course season included at no extra cost.


Silver 1: $675 or $75/mo for 9 months. If choosing the monthly payment option, payments are due on the 17th of each month and start 9/17 with the last payment due on 5/17.

-Long Course season included at no extra cost.


  1. Meet Fees
  • When we attend meets, the host team charges a fee per event swum for each swimmer (usually from $4-$10) and usually a one-time surcharge per swimmer (usually from $4-$10). You will be asked to fill out an auto-debit authorization with an account of your choosing from which these fees will be drawn. These fees are debited at the end of each month for any events swum at meets for that month. This season, we may only have meet fees associated with sanctioned meets wherein we might have to rent a timing system.

For example: We are attended the Coffman Y Halloween Invitational in October and Johnny swam 5 events at this meet. They charged us $5 per event with a $4 swimmer surcharge. This would mean that the account set up for Johnny would be debited $29 at the end of October ($5 per event x 5 events + $4 swimmer surcharge).















  1. Fundraising Obligation
  • We are constantly trying to improve the quality of service we provide to our swimmers and their families.
  • In order to do this, we must be able to purchase new equipment, keep coaches certified and educated, provide athletes with new experiences, and many, many other important and necessary items that are not included in the prices of the Team Fees.
  • Our fundraising efforts are meant to help the team be able to provide these types of things so that we are continually improving the Wahoos experience.
  • Our current fundraising obligation is $150 per family (not per swimmer). The Team Support Board (Parent Board) will have a Fundraising Chair who will be directing and organizing our fundraising efforts and will be able to provide more information about what fundraising opportunities we are currently offering. 
    • **The fundraising fee has been reduced from $280 to $150 for this season only.




  1. Volunteer Requirements
  • We will be revising our volunteer requirements based on adjustments made for this season. We will still need some volunteers for our virtual competitions but we are not 100% sure what that will look like yet. We will most likely NOT be hosting our annual Lisa French and Last Chance invitationals.





























Instructions for Registering for the GMVY Wahoos

  1. First, per the National YMCA Rules that Govern Competitive Sports, all swimmers must be members of the YMCA Association that they are representing. You can be a member at any one of GMVY’s branches to be eligible.


  1. Second, your swimmer(s) were assigned a practice group by the coaching staff. Make note of this placement as it will be needed when registering both online and in-person.


  1. Third, you will need to register with our website ( There will be a “Click for Registration” tab and it will give you prompts to follow. Please make sure that you complete the Emergency Medical Form and Code of Conduct both online and print out a hard copy to complete, sign, and turn in before the first day of practice. Make sure to use an e-mail that you check regularly for this registration as we do most of our communication via e-mail.


  1. Fourth, you will need to pay the registration fee and set up a way to pay the team fee at the Middletown YMCA Front Desk.


  1. Due to our YMCA Association policy we are unable to accept payments through our team website.
  2. When you register in person, the Welcome Center Staff will ask you if you want to pay the entire team fee at once or if you prefer to pay it over a 9 month period. If choosing the 9 month billing option, payments will be debited from your account on file on the 17th of every month beginning in September and ending with the last one in May.
  3. They will also ask you to set up an auto-debit account authorization. This will be the account from which the meet fees are collected. It will also be the account from which the team fees are collected if you choose the monthly payment option.
  4. Make sure to turn in the hard copy of your athlete(s)’ Emergency Medical Form and Code of Conduct at this time.
  1. Attend the mandatory Pre-Season Parent Meeting from 6:30p-7:30p on Thursday, August 27th via Zoom. The invitation/access to this meeting will be sent out via e-mail prior.  



PLEASE NOTE: We will be unable to allow any athletes to participate in practices if they are not fully registered with their Emergency Medical Form and Code of Conduct turned in prior to practice. Simply registering through the Team Unify site will not register your athlete for participation. Please make sure you have followed the registration instructions completely before bringing your athlete to practice. We do not want to turn anyone away from practice but we must also protect the Team and the Y.




Championship Meets

                The Southwest Ohio YMCA Swim League takes part in a “Championship Series” at the end of the short course season. In order to compete in any championship meets at the end of the season, swimmers must have competed in three YMCA meets (dual meets or invitationals) during the regular season (USA meets do not count as YMCA meets). The championship meets are progressive, requiring the achievement of faster qualifying times for each successive meet.


As mentioned above, the SWOYSL/Great Lakes Region/National YMCA is still planning on these meets being held as they have been in the past. We will be updated by the league as we progress through the season.


“A” Championships: There are no qualifying time standards for this meet. All league swimmers who have competed in the minimum of three YMCA meets prior to the championships are eligible. Swimmers must have a legal time for any events entered (i.e. they must have swum the event legally in a previous meet)

Exceptions: 8 and under swimmers with 4 or more “AA” qualifying times may not compete at the “A” championships. 9 and over swimmers with 6 or more “AA” qualifying times may not compete at the “A” championships. Swimmers who have “AA” qualifying times but do not have 4 or more for 8 and under or 6 or more for 9 and over, may not compete in the events in which they have the “AA” qualifying time(s) at the “A” championships.


“AA” Championships: There are qualifying time standards for this meet. Swimmers must have achieved the qualifying time standard within the past year (i.e. any meet occurring from and including the previous year’s “AA” championships to the present “AA” championships). Some swimmers may qualify to compete on a relay team if the relay achieves the time standard or if a provable aggregate of times is submitted.


Regional “Zones” Championships: There are qualifying time standards for this meet that are faster than the “AA” championship standards. There is no 8 and under age group at this meet. Some swimmers may qualify to compete on a relay team if the relay achieves the time standard or if a provable aggregate of times is submitted.


YMCA “Nationals” Championships: Swimmers must be age 12 and older to be eligible to compete in the YMCA Nationals Meet. These qualifying time standards are significantly more difficult than the “AA” and “Zones” standards. There are only one set of time standards, meaning a 12 year old must achieve the same time standard as an 18 year old. This meet is the pinnacle of YMCA Competitive Swimming. Some swimmers may qualify to compete on a relay team if the relay achieves the time standard or if a provable aggregate of times is submitted (all swimmers on the relay must be 12 or older)