Swimming Partners

2020 Summer WAVES Program  --> Registration is open, with sessions starting 6/15.  Sign up on our new website www.youthletics.biz

  •   Be introduced to competitive swimming with an emphasis on instruction and an everybody swimsphilosophy.

  •   Learn correct technique and rules for each of the four competitive strokes.

  •   Focus on fun, building self-confidence, and pre- paring for competitive swimming.

  • The WAVES program is for the level 8 or higher SwimAmerica swimmer who wants to go to the next level beyond the in- structional focus of our SwimAmerica group classes. Com- pared to SwimAmerica group lessons, the WAVES group practices are longer, more endurance-based, and meet twice a week. Coaching is conducted from the deck and will be very similar to a competitive swim club practice. This group is also perfect for anyone who enjoyed summer league swimming, and wants to continue swimming during the school year but is not able to commit to or qualify for a year-round competitive swim team.

  • Qualifications: 50 yards freestyle, 25 yards backstroke and have an idea of how to swim breaststroke (legal kick required) and butterfly; or be in station 8 or higher in SwimAmerica. Please schedule an assessment with our coaching staff before registering.