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When can we register and begin with the team? We are a year-round team, thus new swimmers can join at any time. Just contact one of our coaches to schedule an evaluation and free trial week. If your swimmer decides to join, you will register after that trial week.

Does my child have to swim all year long if we join?  No. While we are a year-long team, not all of our swimmers choose to swim the entire year. Some swimmers take a month or two off to participate in other sports. Some swimmers take summer or winter off. Just let us know ahead of time when your swimmer would like to take a break, and we will put your account on hold for that time and reactivate it when you are ready to return.

Is my swimmer required to participate in meets? No. While we are a competitive team, we do not require swimmers to participate in meets. That being said, we have had great fun with our Basecamp, Foothills, and Montane swimmers at meets representing our team. They have really enjoyed seeing their times melt away throughout the year and it's been awesome to see their confidence grow. Your family decides whether or not to “commit” your swimmer for each particular meet, and if you do sign up, your coach then assigns your swimmer the events they will swim in.

HOWEVER, when we host fun and unsanctioned meets meant to provide swimmers with competition and meet experience, without pressure or fear of disqualifications, we do expect swimmers to participate. Along the same lines, if your child is in the Montane or higher group, they are swimming at a competitive level and also are strongly encouraged to participate with our team in USA Sanctioned meets. Any questions about which events to swim in a meet should be addressed between coach and swimmer.

Do we need to practice every day that there’s practice? No. We realize not everyone can make every practice, and that people go out of town, or sometimes swimmers would rather practice only three days instead of four. No matter what the reason, we do not have attendance requirements. It is important to note, though, that the more one practices and engages in refining those skills and techniques, the faster they will see improvement, and the greater those improvements will be. Additionally, because of our expenses, full monthly fee for that level is required, whether your swimmer chooses to swim in 50%, 75%, or 100% of the practices available. We do not pro-rate fees based on attendance.

When is practice? This depends on the level. We have a calendar posted on our site and our practices are outlined in the calendar, and also will be posted on the News tab. 

Where is practice held? For the most part, our practice is in the competitive pool side of our home pool: Woodland Aquatic Center (WAC) in Woodland Park. Also, during long course season, we will hold some practices at the Olympic Training Center’s 50 meter pool in Colorado Springs. Finally, if the Woodland Aquatic Center is closed for maintenance, we may schedule practice in a pool on the west side of Colorado Springs for a couple of days.

Can we swim in the WAC with our Peak Swim Team card? Your swimmer will receive a Peak Swim Team card so they can "sign in" at the front desk of the Woodland Aquatic Center each time they come to practice. However, this card is NOT a pool pass other than for your practice time with the team. If a child wants to swim at the WAC any time other than during their practice with the team, WAC fees would apply. 

Where are meets held? Most of the meets we attend are in Colorado Springs area. We have also attended meets in Pueblo. If swimmers qualify for state or other championship meets, those may be held anywhere in Colorado, and we often find out location of these meets at the beginning of the swim year. Sectionals and other championship meets are often out of state and, like with the state meets, also have qualifying times to participate.

Is Peak Swim the Woodland Park High School team?  No. We are a nonprofit team serving children ages 5-18 throughout all of Teller County and beyond. We have swimmers who attend schools in Woodland Park and many who are looking forward to competing for WPHS, but we also have swimmers who attend schools in surrounding districts, are homeschooled, or attend private schools.

Is Peak Swim a city team? No. We are not a Woodland Park Parks and Rec team, nor are we governed by the city. We are a USA Swimming, youth, nonprofit team overseen by a Board of volunteer parents, the Founder/Executive Director, and Head Coach.

What are the volunteer requirements? We are a nonprofit, parent-Board team. When swimmers join our team, so do their families. We expect swim families to volunteer, as it is needed for the health of our team. We need many volunteers throughout the year for our events (parade float preparation and participation, cook outs/swim family socials, community outreach, annual banquet) and fundraisers (SwimAThon, car washes, garage sales, City Market/Amazon/SwimOutlet donations, elementary dance & silent auction…) We will continue to communicate what help we need and when for each event. Also, if your swimmer is participating in a meet and the host team requires our team to supply timers, this is another volunteer opportunity.

What is a "motivational time"? USA Swimming releases their National Motivational Times for age groups. They are simply a set of times for each event that may help motivate swimmers to improve their times. Times range from a B time, BB time, A time and then all the way to AAAA times, which are SUPER FAST times :) Each page of times reflect a long course pool (50 meter), a short course pool (25 yard), or a 25 meter pool. Most Basecamp and Foothills swimmers may not be interested or motivated by these times, but our swimmers in Montane and Summit might be highly motivated and driven to see themselves earn a B time and then move from a B time to a BB time to an A time, for instance. Some championship meets require a swimmer to have a B time, or faster, so these standards may also be used as qualifiers for some meets. You can find the Motivational Times on the USA Swimming site.

My swimmer has particpated in a couple of meets. Where can I find his times? You can find your swimmer's times from USA sanctioned meets on the USA Swimming site, under "Times". Enter your swimmer's first and last name and all of their times from each sanctioned meet will populate. We also have results from each meet in which our team swam that year under the Meet Results tab on our site. Finally, you can find your swimmer's times under your account on our site. Simply log in to our Peak Swim website, click on My Account on the left side of our home page, click on the Members tab at the top of your account page. If you have more than one child swimming with us, all of the swimmers will appear as members and you will select which one you wish to open. On that child's Member page, should be a Best Times tab and a Meet Results tab where times will display. 

Questions about equipment/swim gear may be answered on our Swim Gear page. 

Questions about fees may be answered on our Fees page.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, or visit with your coach. 

Happy Swimming!