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Mike Troy

Mike Troy was the Walnut Creek Aquabears Head Coach from 1981 to 1990.  He was a fun-loving, tough coach and a favorite of a generation of WCAB swimmers - whether you remember him painted green, dressed as a leprechan, making you swim in shoes or lifting weights made out of pipes and coffee cans full of concrete.
Mike grew up in Indiana, and was the start of Doc Councilman's Indiana swimming dynasty.  He was double gold medalist at the 1960 Olympics, winning the 200 Fly and 800 Free Relay.  He then served in the Navy, as a SEAL, and was nominated for the Silver Star for his combat service during Vietnam.  He coached the Coronado Navy swim team for 17 years before moving to Walnut Creek to be our head coach.  Later me moved to Arizona, and coached the Tempe Rio Salado swim team, and founded the Gold Medal Swim School (which he operated with a former WCAB swimmer, Mike Walker).  He passed away on August 3, 2019, in Arizona.
Here's some articles to learn more about Mike:
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Here's some of the obits published about Mike:
Here's some pictures from Mike's two celebrations of life:
back row:  John Doolittle, Kevin Bates, Brian Holm, Bill Rainusso, Aaron Dennis
middle row:  Elaine Weigand, Tori Doolittle, Kelly Christensen, Shannon McClure, Kent Anderson, Pia Westeson
in front:  Mike Walker
left to right - Mike Bottom, Kent Anderson, Tori Doolittle, Pia Westeson, Bill Rainusso, Mike Walker, John Doolittle, Brian Holm, Kevin Bates, Kelly Christensen, Shannon McClure, Aaron Dennis
Kent Anderson, Bill Rainusso, Mike Walker, Kevin Bates, Aaron Dennis
Pia Westeson, Tori Doolittle, Kelly Christensen
Aaron Dennis, Shannon McClure, Kevin Bates, Pia Westeson, Tori Doolittle

Photos from Gold Medal Swim School:

LSome old photos of Mike when he coached WCAB:

Layout from the August 1, 1960 issue of Sports Illustrated: