2019-20 Clothing Submittable Forms

Please complete one required clothing/equipment form for each child registered and submit. Your account will be charged for additional items you order. 
Please submit the supplemental clothing/equipment form for any additional items you would like to order. Your account will be charged for items you order

Training Equipment: Children wearing bathing caps are required to wear NSSC logo caps at all practices and swim meets. Swimmers should have their required equipment with them at every practice. Please mark all equipment with permanent marker with it's owners name.
The requirements for each program level are as follows: 
Preteam- Silicone bathing cap. 
Juniors- 2 T-shirts, bathing suit, fins, cap. 
Age Groupers- 2 T-Shirts, bathing suit, fins, latex cap & training snorkel. 
Senior - 2 T Shirts, bathing suits, fins, latex cap, training snorkel, Drag Suit (Male swimmers) 
All equipment is available through NSSC and can be ordered by filling out the online order form.