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 Safe Sport Education


Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics is committed to providing a safe, learning environment for every member.   

(Safe Sport Coordinator: Ian Townsend, [email protected])

Athlete Safe Sport Education:

MAAP Policy ManualMinor Athlete Abuse Policy. This is the new policy from the United States Federal goverment that covers interactions and meetings between athletes and coaches, electronic and social media communication, and travel.

Athlete Protection Training: This is a mandatory course that athletes 18 and over must take. If not, their times swum will NOT count. This course is also recommended for athletes 12 years or older.

Athlete Code of ConductMichigan Lakeshore Aquatics expectaions for athletes representing our team on and off the pool deck.

Photography Policies: A guide to what is, and is not acceptable when photographing our student-athletes.

Best Practice Guidlines: A guide for athletes, coaches, and parents on creating a safe learning enviroment


Parent/Volunteer Safe Sport Education:

Parent Safe Sport Education: This course is recommended for parents to take to educate them on Safe Sport policy.

Parent Code of ConductThe MLA code of conduct that we expect all member families to adhere to.


Coaching Safe Sport:

Coaching Code of ConductThe code of conduct that all Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics - Swimming coaches abide by.


Safe Sport Reporting

Report a Safe Sport Concern: If there is an incident that you think violates Safe Sport policy (found in MAAP), or another situation that you feel is unethical, you may report this incident to the U.S. Center for Safe Sport.

Anti-Bullying Policy: Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics policy against bullying that all athletes representing this team must adhere to.

Reporting Peer on Peer Incidents Resource Guide: A guide on how to approach reporting a Safe Sport peer on peer incident, or inappropriate sexual expressions occur. This is the templete that coaches will follow when following up on a reported incident.