Quarantine Quality Time

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This is a great way to come together and stay engaged during the Coronavirus quarantine. Register and attend these free webinars. The next day a Marlins Coach will host a zoom call to discuss what was covered and Marlinize the information. Scroll down for links and other resources.


Free Webinar Series

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Upcoming Webinars Schedule for Marlins Swimmers




Marlins Coaches Zoom Calls

Follow up on Webinar Topics

  • How to Stay in Shape During Quarantine (swimmers 13 & Up): REPLAY
    • Led by Coach Mike
  • Dealing with Adversity: REPLAY
  • Quarantine Fitness Workout (9 to 12 yr olds): REPLAY 
    • Led by Coach Mike and Coach Jonathan
  • How to train for sprint freestyle: REPLAY
    • ​Led by Coach Katie Marucci
  • Breaking Down Streamline and Underwaters: REPLAY
    • Led by Coach Mike
  • Breaking Down Breaststroke: REPLAY
    • Led by Coach Mike
  • Breaking Down Butterfly: REPLAY
    • Led by Coach Mike and Marlins Alum JR Leitz
  • Quarantine Fitness (9-12 yr olds): April 3rd, TBA
    • Leb by TBD
  • Athlete Nutrition and Cooking Habits: April 4th
    • Led by TBD
  • Quarantine Fitness (13 & Over): April 4th
    • Leb by TBD


Links to Coach Catie McCann's Daily Stretches


Stretches Foam Roller


Links to 13&Up Dryland Workouts

*These workouts were designed by US Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler McGill to be done with limited space and equipment

Tuesday Friday


Free Online Yoga Classes

Resources for Our Growing Marlins Minds