2020 First Chance



Saturday, May 23, 2020

Save the Date


First Chance Meet is an opportunity for team from the region to start off the season with great swims and times.  There is a $20 flat fee per swimmer with includes all age group eligible races.  There are no restrictions on seed times, number of entries or number of swims.



Date:                      Saturday, May 23, 2020

Meet Start:             10:00 AM

Location:                Blackhawk Country Club Pool

Additional Info:

  • 9 - 18 year olds 50 Freestyle - First Event
  • IM scheduled as second event and last event
  • Touchpad Timing System
  • NO REFUNDS will be given for no shows or scratches


Warm Ups:

Age Group Time
All age groups 8:30 - 9:30 AM
8 & Under only 9:30 - 9:45 AM



  • $20 flat fee per swimmer with includes all age group eligible races



All Individuals must pre-register online.  Registration deadline for ALL swimmers is Thursday, May 21st at 9:00 PM  - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Deck entries are not guaranteed and any day of deck entries that are approved would be for open lanes only.  Prior approval from HOX computers would be required.

Registration Groups (Please select one):

  • Blackhawk Swimmers Only:  CLICK HERE Follow the instructions and commit your swimmer accordingly, similar to registering for a swim meet.  Do NOT use PayPal, instead, your member account will be billed. If you are a HOX family and you register via Paypal, that registration will be canceled and you will be asked to re-register via TeamUnify or the link above.


  • Team RegistrationsCLICK HERE  to download the event file (Currently Closed).  Please email your entry file & entry fee report to:  by Thursday, May 21st @ 9:00 AM.  You will receive a confirmation email with fee payment instructions.  Team entries will receive priority registration.

  • Individual Registration for Visitors: To register as a single swimmer for this event (NOT for HOX Families or whole team registrations) CLICK HERE (Currently Closed)






Information coming soon





Information coming soon





The Fitness Center is open.  The top parking lot surrounding the pool is shared with the Fitness Facilty and the Club has allocated certain spaces for fitness parking only.
In addition to the upper lot spaces, parking is also permitted in the lower lot by the playground, as well as on the streets leading up to the pool.  We have requested our Club provide a golf cart shuttle to assist you from the playground lot up to the swimming pool.
Additionally, please do not stop or park in any red zones to unload vehicles, specifically do not stop or park at the curb next to or across from the back gate.  THIS IS NOT AN UNLOADING ZONE as it blocks the flow of traffic and those trying to access the back gate by foot. 
There are also reserved spaces for those families who purchased tents during our auction.  We ask that you do not stop, drop off or park in these areas unless they belong to you.  These reserved spaces are designated by a cone and/or sign.  If your reserved space is occupied, please do not occupy another reserved space, instead please speak with one of the parking attendants. 




Snacks and BBQ items will be sold by the Country Cluby by member charge or cash is also acceptable.


Questions? Email inquiries to: HOX Meet Director