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Each season the JETS participate in a fundraising opportunity. Each family is required to
fulfill a fundraising obligation of $150 per athlete, up to $300 per family.
There are three options to complete this fundraising requirement: buyout option during
registration, fundraising or obtaining a sponsorship.

Participate in the JETS retail fundraiser by selling the required number of items. Details
for this fundraiser will be added to the website and details will be emailed to all families.

Savory Sweets refrigerated cookie dough will be 100% online this season with a 1-day bulk pick up for distribution. Families with 1 swimmer will be required to sell 25 units to fulfill the fundraiser obligation. Families with 2 or more swimmers will be required to sell 50 units to fulfill the fundraiser obligation. Families unable to fulfill the required unit goals will be billed for the remainder of the obligation of $150 per 1 swimmer or 2 + swimmers at $300.

The fundraiser will kick off on September 16th running through October 14th with a scheduled pick up day the week of November 8th.

The difference in the amount raised through the fundraiser event and the fundraiser obligation will be billed to your Jets account on December 1st. Any questions regarding the fundraiser please contact the JPAC Fundraising Chair, Lacie Pifko at [email protected].

The program has changed slightly due to covid-19.
*Families/swimmers will enter all sales through the app “Scoreboard FR”
*All sales material is sent digitally. No paper forms
*Credit/Debit card sales only
*All items are $18
*2-3 week selling time (September 16th - October 14th)
*Bulk order shipment 1-day pick up (Week of November 8th) we will let you know the exact date ASAP.

Post the initial cookie dough sale swimmers/families/friends will be notified of new seasonal items for sale monthly. These continued sales will generate continued profits to the team via website/app (though can not be applied to fundraiser obligations). Orders are done by swimmer/family/customer and directly shipped to them.