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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Late Payments

Fees are delinquent after the 15th day of each month.  Fees paid after the 15th day of the month will result in a $20 late fee assessment, which should be included with payment.  

At 60 days, the swimmer(s) will no longer be permitted to practice or attend meets.

Any unpaid balances beyond 90 days could result in action by a collection agency.

Please e-mail Coach Matt/Coach Grace if you feel you have circumstances that need special consideration.

Non-Sufficient Funds

Returned checks for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will result in a $25 assessment to cover Vacaville Swim Team charges incurred from processing the NSF item.

You will be notified of a credit card processing failure and will have until the 15th of each month to communicate a means of payment to either the team financial secretary.  Failure to do so will result in a late fee assessment.

Fees Suspension/Termination Agreement:

To suspend or terminate membership, email the financial secretary or Coach Matt. The team requires that each member notifies us before the 20th prior to the first of the month that you wish to suspend or terminate membership.  Fees will be assessed if the required notice is not given.     

Swimmers cannot attend practice or meets while on fees suspension.

Written documentation is required for termination. You could send an email/letter to their coach or to the financial secretary using the attached form.

Below is the account status change form you can print out and hand to your swimmer's coach or you can fill it out and send to the financial secretary.