Safe Sport

CT Swimming in conjunction with USA Swimming to ensure the safety of our athletes rolled out new safe sport guidelines and requirements over the summer; this is called MAAPP or Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy.  Coach Bill referred to this policy at the recent parent meeting. 

These went into effect immediately and USA Swimming wants every family informed.  I have attached the policy for everyone to read.

ALL new families and ANY families that did not sign off on the policy over the summer need to do so as soon as possible.  Swimmers will not be allowed to compete or practice if the sign off is not completed.  Families will create and sign into their FAST account on the CT Swimming website to sign off on the policy and acknowledge their entire family.  The Rapids, CT Swimming, and USA Swimming can track families through the FAST database. 

All athletes who turn 18 will need to take an Athlete Protection Course in order to maintain their USA Swimming registration.  

You can visit USA Swimmings MAAPP page for related documents.

Visit for your FAST account.

Directions to create and sign into your FAST account.