Lakeside Swim & Dive Team Sponsorship Drive – Join us as Partners!



Sponsorship means getting help for our team in the form of money, goods and/or services.  Though it may sound a lot like a donation, it is not. The main difference is that a sponsorship is not a one-way street but a mutually beneficial relationship between the sponsor and the recipient. 

Why do we need Sponsors?

Lakeside Swim & Dive Team has always had a very successful program!  

2019 Swim & Dive Season highlights include:

  • Winners of 2019 Lakeside Invitational
  • LHS Men 2019 County Champions
  • LHS Women 2019 County – 3rd Place
  • State Diving Championships – 2nd Place Sam Witcher
  • LHS Men beat St. Pius Men for the first time ever!

However, there are significant ongoing costs with the day to day operation of our team

  • Timing system
  • Records Board
  • Athlete Scholarships

How can the Sponsor benefit from sponsoring Lakeside Swim & Dive Team? 

Sponsorship is a marketing investment.  It will give them positive exposure which in turn could lead to increased sales, heightened brand awareness and customer loyalty.   Sponsorship is not just for big business.  Small and local shops can use it to increase their recognition in the community. 

By printing the sponsor’s logo on our team gear, displaying it on our sponsor board, spirit items,  publications, and website, they can show their support of our school and our team. 

Why Lakeside Swim & Dive?

We have 155 swimmers on Lakeside Swim & Dive Team and over 2000 students at Lakeside High School.  We are the largest athletic team at Lakeside High School!  We have a very supportive crowd of students and families.   Lakeside has a long-standing competitive swim program that encourages alumni support.    

We are always looking at ways to build our Community & support LHS Swim & Dive Team Sponsors, like Sponsor Night.  Sponsor Night for the 2019-2020 Swim Season will be held on January 16, 2020.

Sponsors will get a lot of exposure for minimal cost.  There are many options to choose from which should benefit any size organization.  Click here for more information and a description of sponsorship options.

Become an LHS Fin Club supporter - Call or email today!

Sue Boehringer – LHS Fin Club Sponsorship Coordinator

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Helen Shuford – LHS Fin Club President

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