Wine Survivor
image.png  KSC FALL 2019 WINE SURVIVOR
Our biggest fall fundraiser has begun!  You can now buy and sell tickets to friends, family and co-workers.
WHY buy/sell tickets?  The more money that is raised through the sale of the tickets, the more likely our swim fees will not increase.
HOW to buy/sell tickets?  Contact to request tickets.  Or call or text Tania Thompson at (403)830-6609.
WHERE can I get more info on what a Wine Survivor is?  There are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the website.  The Rules are also posted below.
HOW much do tickets cost?  1 Regular Draw Ticket costs $40 and the Bonus Draw Ticket is $20.  Basically, you get 1 try at winning for $40 and 2 tries for $60 (the best deal!).
WHEN is the last day to buy tickets?  Nov 28th, 8 pm MST.  No tickets will be sold after that.
WHEN are the draws?  December 1 through December 8th:  there are 8 draws.
HOW much wine can be won?  There will be 5 draws at 5% of the prize pool, 1 at 10%, 1 at 25% and the grand prize is 40% of the prize pool.  If all of the 333 Regular Tickets are sold, that means the grand prize will be up to 132 bottles of wine.
WHAT is a Wine Survivor?  For $40, you get 1 Draw Ticket ($20 is for a Regular Draw Ticket to win wine in the Wine Survivor and the other $20 goes towards the swim club purchasing the wine that you can win). For an additional $20, you can buy a Bonus Draw ticket (like an extra chance to win). On each night of the draws, 1/8 of all of the entries will be drawn. All of those drawn, EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE, will be eliminated (in other words, they will NOT WIN). Only the LAST TICKET drawn for each night of the Elimination Draw schedule will win something (from 5% to 40% of the wine prize pool).
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