Swimspa Lessons


Did you know that according to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, there are an average of 10 drownings per day in the U.S.? And that the risk of drowning decreases by 88% for kids ages 1-4 years old that take swim lessons.


At FORM Athletics, our private and small group swim lessons help kids learn the importance of water safety and grasp the skills needed to recover to safety if they accidentally fall in the pool. As your swimmer progresses through the levels, they will learn the four basic strokes of swimming: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. And for those wanting to be more competitive can join FORM Swim Team, a growing USA Swim Team in the Centennial area.




Lessons are conducted in our indoor swim spa, large enough for 3 swimmers to participate at the same time. The water is kept at a minimum 88 degrees, so that cold water is never a factor in your child learning to swim. For the more advanced swimmers, we offer underwater video recording allowing them to visually see areas of improvement.






Classes are currently offered as a build your own class with class sizes of 2 to 3 swimmers per class. Lesson prices can be found on our Registration page. 


We offer private swim lessons for those families looking for special attention on their swimmers specific needs. In the future, we will also be offering underwater video recording for more advanced swimmers. Private lesson prices can be found on our Registration page.

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