2019-2020 CLOTHING 
Source for Sports has put together a collection of their best selling products from brands like Under Armour, CCM, and Arena; available in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth sizing (and theres a toque!). All available in the link below:
The store will be open from  January 15th to  February 5th. Once the store closes, Source for Sports will begin filling orders. Late orders will not be accepted as the store will be shown as completely closed after  February 5th.  There will be an ~3 week lead time for orders to be completed, with clothing then being distributed at St. James Civic Center and Seven Oaks Pool in March.  
Most products offer personalization (ex. last name) for an additional fee that will vary depending on if the product is embroidered or screen printed.
All payments are done through the store, like online shopping. Add your items to the cart, make sure you accurately fill out your information, and checkout using your choice of payment. Again, orders are not being shipped. The club will make one big pick up once all the orders are complete and divide into St. James Civic Center and Seven Oaks Pool for pick up points.  
Let me know if you have any questions. The representative I have been working with has been very informative and quick to answer emails.
Josh Koldon


We have a varity of caps for sale, and are as follows:
SILCONE      $10.00
LATEX          $ 7.00
If you require a cap please contact the Team Manager and/or speak with your child's coach.