2020/21 Clothing Orders

We have partnered again with Source for Sports to bring you a Seals Team Gear store from October 1-14. The firm deadline is October 14th, with late orders not being accepted. The link below acts like an online shopping experience. Add what you’d like to the cart, accurately fill out the information, and choose your online payment. The orders will not be shipped out to you, I will pick up the order all together, and we will distribute them at one of the pools.

 If you choose to add your swimmer’s name to anything, it will be placed on the sleeve. Prices vary depending if the customization is embroidered or screen printed. There will be no samples due to COVID, but since a majority of the items in the store are Under Armour, your local Sportchek should have the product to try on. There will be approximately a 3-4 week lead time on receiving your order after October 14th.

You will notice that these outfits will be collector items as our Seal has a Mask around his face.  We are also selling club masks with logos.

If you have any questions let me know. The representative I’ve been working with has been very informative and quick to reply to emails.

We have a varity of caps for sale, and are as follows:
SILCONE      $10.00
LATEX          $ 7.00
If you require a cap please contact the Team Manager and/or speak with your child's coach.