Sponsorship Opportunities 2022


The NAHSSL, a swim league of 28 high school swim teams throughout Northern Alabama, is looking for a financial sponsor for the upcoming 2022 high school swim season.  We think you'll agree, this is a great opportunity for you to advertise your name throughout a large area while at the same time providing a meaningful contribution to the youth in the area.


In existence for eleven years, the purpose of NAHSSL is to assist in providing competitive swim meets for its member teams of North Alabama.  Prior to the League, twelve years ago, there were three swim meets in North Alabama.  This year we will sponsored over 20 swim meets held at five locations, Redstone's Aquatic Center Swimming Pool, Huntsville's Aquatic Center Complex on Drake Ave, Madison's Dublin Park Swimming Complex, Cullman Recreation Center, and the Scottsboro Park & Rec Swimming Complex.  During these eleven years, the number of swimmers in North Alabama has more than tripled. 


As a sponsor, you would enjoy the following: 

(1) your name would be in the title of every swim meet, ie "The XYZ Invitational at Redstone". 

(2) We would hang your banner at a good spot at our swim meets. 

(3) All heat sheets would have your company name (and logo) as the header to the first page of the heat sheet.

(4) We give out two swim scholarships each year.  We would name these scholarships after your business, the NAHSSL xyz Scholarship.

(5) When we sell t-shirts for our NAHSSL Championship Meet, we would have your business name & logo on each shirt.

(6) Your donation would be covering the cost for the pool rental fee for the AHSAA North Alabama High School Sectionals Swim Meet at the Huntsville Aquatic Center.


We are looking for a business partner that would sponsor our League at $2000 per year.  We are a 501-c3 and your donation is fully tax deductible.  Smaller donations are also appreciated.


Please consider this as a serious request.  Thank you.


You may get back to me at:


Glenn Carr  

Founder & Board Member


PO Box 18401

Huntsville, AL 35804


(256) 534-1604

[email protected]