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Little Otters

6/21: Little Otters are FULL! 

6/18 Surprise! We've been given the green light to have coaches in the water, which means we can put together a 4-week Little Otter season! This is limited to 8 swimmers, and open to currently registered families only. Please use the registration button to get enrolled! We begin Tuesday 6/22 from 10:30-11:00 am.  The registration fee for this program is $175.


Little Otters Update 6/14/21: Sadly we will not be able to run Little Otters for summer 2021. We miss these little swimmers and we look forward to the return of this popular program next year. If you would like to help your swimmer prepare for next summer, consider swim lessons or Aquatech/Little Dippers to help your swimmer gain confidence and be ready for 6 and Unders or Little Otters next year. 

Little Otters 2021: Registration for Little Otters has been postponed until we know if we will be allowed to run the program this summer. The nature of the program requires coaches to be in the water with these little swimmers, and current social distancing requirements dictate that we can not be in such close proximity.  Please check back for updates!




                            Welcome to the raft!


Did you know that a group of otters in the water is called a raft? Our otters love being in the water, and we are so happy you have found our raft!

Our Little Otter Program is for swimmers ages 4-5 years old (as of June 15) who are not yet capable of swimming one length of a 25-yard pool. It is also open to 6 year olds that registered and started with the swim team, but are determined by our Head Coach to be not quite ready. 

The Little Otter program runs for 6 weeks, 4 days per week. Please refer to the team calendar for details about practice times and days off. In May, Little Otters will be invited to the pool for a short evaluation in the water with a coach to determine their skill level for placement in a swimming group of swimmers at a similar level. Registered Little Otters will receive this information via email. Little Otters do not need to purchase a team suit, and they will each receive a team t-shirt to wear for the team photo. Little Otters do not swim at swim meets (but are welcome to come watch!), and parents do not have volunteer obligations. 

We don't expect our Little Otters to know any strokes or specific skills. Swimmers DO need to be water safe, able to follow directions, and be willing to get in the water with our instructors. Our small swimming groups are tailored to the group's skill level and age. We start with basic skills such as blowing bubbles, submerging head and looking at bottom of pool, kicking on the wall and with a kickboard, floating on their back, and jumping in the pool to coach. Through games and play, swimmers will progress through skills such as kicking while on their back, free kicking with hands at sides and in streamline, and jumping in pool and submerging their head. Then swimmers advance to kicking and rolling to breathe with their with their hands at sides, rolling from front to back with kicks,  backstroke arms and kicks, and diving. It may take younger swimmers more than one summer to master all of the skills our program aims to teach.

Enrollment in the Little Otter Program is limited. Little Otters who can successfully complete one 25-yard lap may be invited to participate in the freestyle event at a swim meet late in the season.

The coaches of the Little Otters are our experienced 15-18 year old swimmers who are trained and supervised by an MCST Coach. The ratio of coach to swimmers is about 5 to 1. Each Little Otter group may be accompanied by an assistant who is a swimmer in our 13-14 year old age group. The coaches and assistants are in the water with the swimmers and provide hands on instruction to each of the Little Otter participants.

If you would like more information or help determining if your child is ready for our Little Otter program, please email our Membership Director at [email protected] Please review our Parent Handbook for full policies. 

If you are interested in signing up for the Little Otter program, please use our online registration system.