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Are you new to Bowie? Are you looking for somewhere close where you can go and relax and have some fun this summer? Do you have kids who you want to feel comfortable that they are in a safe environment? If you answered 'YES' to any or all of these questions, then look no further than Belair Swim & Racquet Club.

BSR is a members only club with 6+ acres of space to relax in. We have two membership opportunities: Annual Family Memberships and Single Memberships. Members are also part-owners of the club.

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To purchase a membership from BSR directly, please contact [email protected] prior to signing up for payment at the Paypal link below.  Our 2020 "Join and Swim" rate includes a one time joining fee plus the first year's annual maintenance fee.  In subsequent year's you will simply be asked to pay the annual maintenance fee, 

A New Member Form must be submitted either by mail or email to [email protected] with family information filled out to activate the membership.

New Family Join and Swim
  Amount at checkout $800.00 USD