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Link to JCC Health Survey:
(Must be completed and presented at practice each day)

Current COOG rules must be followed in order to maintain everyone's safety (subject to change):

  • Make sure you complete the questionnaire and take your temperature before leaving for the pool. Coaching staff reserve the right to take your temperature on arrival. 
  • If you arrive early, please stay in your car until 5 minutes before your allotted time. 
  • Make sure you are wearing a mask to and from the deck. (No mask, no swim!), also bring a bag to store your mask safely while in the pool.
  • No socializing on site before, during or after the sessions. 
  • Once you've completed your session, please leave the deck promptly. 
  • Enter the deck and travel in a counter clockwise direction to your assigned lane and end. Make sure to walk behind the benches and chairs. When leaving, follow the same directions.
  • Lane 1 at both ends will be the lane closest to the gate, lane 7 by the tent. 
  • There will be no equipment available at the pool so bring your own. 
  • The tent and locker rooms will not be available, only bring the essentials with you on deck in case it starts to rain. 
  • Restrooms are available in emergencies, you will be required to disinfect any surfaces touched after use. (More than likely we will have a bucket of bleach/water with a cloth)
  • If it's storming by the pool, we will post immediately on Facebook that the session is canceled. 
  • If you have been at ANY social gatherings (including flights) or outside without a mask on, then please cancel your bookings for the next 10 days. 

Practice Schedule: (New Times beginning Monday, Sept. 14th)

  • Fundamental 6.10-6.40 & 6.50-7.20 Sw {Tu/Th}
  • Development 6.20-7.20 Sw {Tu/Th}, 7.40-8.10 Dryland & 8.10-8.40 Sw {Sat.}
  • Age Group 5.50-6.20 Dryland, 6.20-7.20 Sw {M/W/F}, 8.50-9.50 Sw {Sat.}
  • AGG and Jr. Blue Dryland 7.00-7.30 & 7.30-8.30 Sw {M-F} 10.00-11.00 Sw {Sat.}
  • SR JR and N 4.30-6.00 Sw {M-F} 6.00-8.00 Sw {Sat.}