At-Home Practice

Dryland Swim Workouts:

Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing the dryland workouts:

Firstwear appropriate work out clothes & shoes. Have water with you.  Second, watch the video before performing the exercises. Be sure you are clear and understand the exercises before performing them. There are four athletes performing the exercises in the video. The two in the middle are performing at completion and the two on the outside (left and right) are doing a modified work out. You may add more repetitions or reduce the number to fit your workout level. Finally, have fun. You can do this as many times in the week as you like. Do not overdo it; twice a week is perfect. Maybe invite your dad or mom to work out with you!

April 6-10:

April 13-17:

April 20-24th:

April 27-30th: Choose your favorite workout from the 3 listed above or do one of each this week!


Improving Your Technique:

April 6-10 & April 13-17:    FREESTYLE

Famous Olympic freestyle sprinter and Cal Berkeley Alum, Nathan Adrian, is shown in this video with technique for freestyle. Please watch and listen to the video. Try to gather three or more things to take away from the video that could help your stroke the next time you're in the water. 

Follow up video with Nathan Adrian about breathing techniques in freestyle.


April 20-24 & April 27-30:     BACKSTROKE

Time to work on your backstroke with Olympic Medalist Elisabeth Beisel. Watch this video on proper hand entry. She's dong a drill called "double-arm" backstroke.

Continue focusing on backstroke with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.


Fun & Inspiration:

April 6-10:  In 2008 the Olympics were held in Beijing, China and Michael Phelps was attempting to break an Olympic record and win 8 gold medals. Some of his races were individual and some were as a member of a relay. When it came time for the 4 x 100 Freestyle relay, the Americans were not favored; it was the French. In fact, the French took to the media by saying they would dominate this race. Watch and see what happens...Phelps leads off but it is Jason Lezak, the anchor, who is the true hero!

We also added coloring sheets for swimmers to do (and it doesn't just have to be the younger swimmers!). Go to the Documents tab.

We would love to see the results! If you'd like please share the results by taking a picture or scanning the special art! Include the swimmers' first name and age! You can email it to the team and we'll display them on the website.


April 13-17:  Check out the Documents tab for some Dolphin coloring pages and a bio sheet about Michael Phelps.


April 20-24:   Brush up on your swimming terminology! Go to the documents tab and complete the Swimming Vocabulary worksheet. Check out Ryan Murphy in the 200m backstroke at the Rio Games.


April 27-30:   Olympians aren't the only swimmers who inspire us... check out these videos of some Dolphin Relays from past champs!

And just in case you need another dose of Dolphin Pride...