Covid 19 Resource Page

In light of current events, USA Swimming and MA Swimming have created resource pages for parents and athletes. UDAC will continually update this page with useful links, webinars, etc. 

UDAC Indoor Safety Plan



Middle Atlantic Swimming Resource Page


Workout Suggestions/Videos


USA Triathlon 28 Day Pilates Challenge


Parent/Child Managing Stress and Anxiety Recommendations (from a professional):

  • Create a worry jar as a family-bonding experience.  They write down all of their worries and take turns each day to pick one worry from the jar.  At the end of the day, the family creates a success wall as to how they conquered that worry/or if it is still a work in progress
  • Rose/Thorn activity.  At dinner or another time when the family is distraction-free, each member talks about something they wish could have changed during the day and something they loved.
  • Boss for an hour.  If the child had one hour where he/she was in charge and could do anything, while keeping safe, the child can do that.  Bringing fun into the feeling of isolation.
  • Tackle COVID-19 contest.  Draw, write, role-play etc how you would beat COVID.  What does it look like, what can calm your fear, how could you be the hero?
  • Worry monster-draw what you think COVID would look like.  Now make it look as silly as possible.  Would you let COVID beat you in a race?  What would COVID look like in a pool?
  • Memory box-create a box of memories that you used to love to do before COVID, what you love to do now while at home, and what you  might want to do in the future