***UPDATES 9/12/2020***

Here are USA Swimming updates for this week. Please make sure all your coaches and club presidents get these. Keep up all the great work!



Disclaimer: This is not intended as legal advice for your club or you personally. It is intended as an informational hub to share announcements and resources that many clubs are finding useful during these uncertain times.

Please remember: Any one-way or two-way communication needs to be transparent and observable. If you have questions regarding MAAPP, contact Diana Rosen at 314-496-1009 or [email protected].

USA Swimming Insurance Coverage Update

USA Swimming Coronavirus Resources


2020 CZ Open Water, Pleasant Prairie, WI-CANCELED

2020 CZ Diversity Camp, Edwardsville, IL

CZ 14 & U Championship meets, both Pleasant Prairie, WI and Jenks, OK CANCELED

ALL Ozark sanctioned meets scheduled through May 31, 2020 are CANCELED.

We will update  on future developments as soon as we have information.

Thanks for your understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Bob Rettle, Ozark General Chair, [email protected]; 618-407-7665 (call or text).


Coronavirus Information:

-CDC website

-Mayo Clinic

-Department of Health and Human Services

-Department of Homeland Security

-USA Swimming Coronavirus Page

-SwimSwam Coronavirus Page

-Coronavirus Statistics


-Illinois Department of Public Health

-Missouri Department of Public Health


Resources for Small Businesses:

-Small Business Administration: Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

-American Society of Employers: FAQ’s for Potential HR Issues Arising from the Coronavirus

-SBA to Provide Disaster Assistance Loans for Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

-OSHA: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

-The U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Guidance for Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)”


Small Business Administration:

Great Lakes Regional Office-Illinois

Great Plains Regional Office-Missouri


Disaster Loans:

-SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

-Disaster Loan Assistance


Access to Capital:

-SBA Funding Programs

-Lender Match (Paycheck Protection Program)

-Consumer Advocate Best Small Business Loans


USA Swimming Website


State Business Resources:


  1. State Unemployment
  2. SBA
  3. Illinois Small Business Development Center
  4. Small Business Advocacy Council


  1. SBA St. Louis District Office
  2. SBA Kansas City Office
  3. Missouri Grant Watch



General Business Resources:

-How to Start a Business in Every State

-SCORE-a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals


Potential Layoff/Furlough Planning:

-Have open and honest communication with employers.

- Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

-Check your state unemployment office



-Layoff Guide from Monster

-Dave Ramsey: Being Laid Off



Short-term Financial Help for Clubs:

-Contact your creditors ASAP. Be open and honest. You may be able to get a grace period or extension on your financial commitments.

-If necessary, look into a short-term loan from local, state, or federal authorities

-SCORE has SBA related information


Short-term Budgeting for Clubs:

-Look at your reserves. Consider different time windows. There’s no hard timeline for complete recovery.

-Focus on being open, honest, and transparent with your staff and customers. Keep them informed on any updates.

-Analyze your short-term budget and expenses. What’s realistic? Plan for multiple worst-case scenarios


Online Learning and Meeting Resources:


-Facebook (Live Video)

-Facebook (Video upload)

-YouTube (Video upload)

-YouTube Live video limitations



Parent communication/education:

-USA Swimming

-Messaging to Parents: Be clear and concise and keep things positive.


Athlete Messaging:

-Keep things positive.

-Focus on mentoring and ways to help them grow and engage in activities available to them currently.

-Keep in mind Safe Sport and MAAPP policies; keep things transparent and observable; any questions, please contact Diana Rosen at 314-496-1009 or [email protected].


Potential Insurance Issues for USA Swimming Clubs:


Social Media:

Social Media Marketing 101 Recording

Social Media Marking 101 Slides


Work In Progress:

Ways to Keep Dues Coming in:

                -What new and creative services are you able to provide?

                -Live webinar workouts, etc.

                -How do you sell it to your membership?

How to organize your re-engagement as a club:

                -SWOT Analysis:

                                *deep, honest dive into your club’s business structure and finances:

                                                a. Strengths

                                                b. Weaknesses

                                                c. Opportunities

                                                d. Threats

Discuss scenarios where things have returned to somewhat of a normalcy:

                -Not going to be a switch (on/off)

                -local/facility/state/Federal/USA Swimming guidelines/mandates that will need to be followed

                -Prepare for gradual changes

                -Engage membership-communication, incentives

                -Communications with facilities

                -Secure staff (how many coaches, etc. can you bring back based upon membership numbers, etc.)

                -Expectations for Families/Memberships…Will a good number of your families be struggling with finances due to COVID-19?


Potential Future Considerations/Ongoing:

-Future Meets: Will there be restrictions? Will additional insurance be needed?

-Travel Insurance

-What’s an appropriate reserve clubs should aim for? Are you in the position to dip in to your funds to help out members or are you better off cutting expenses and planning on shoring up your reserves?


Return to Operations:

  • Online/virtual meets to reenergize the swimming community
  • Flexibility
  • Dependent on CDC/Federal/State/Local/USA/Facility Guidelines
  • Prepare for Worst Scenario, plan for a gradual/incremental return: Evaluate your facility: What if there’s a minimum number of swimmers for practices? What if your locker rooms are off limits? What if there’s a limit to the practice times? Etc.