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Don't forget to share your challenge attempts, your home workouts, or anything fun you're doing with us! We want to see what you're up to!


10 DAY MAX IT OUT CHALLENGE: Ends Friday May 8th!

This is 100% optional! You can do as many or as few of the exercises as you like. If you choose to participate, remember to ALWAYS BE SAFE, and preferably workout with a buddy (sibling or mom or dad). 
The goal is to get the most # of reps, the longest distance, or the most time spent on any and all of the following categories:

1. Push ups (#)
2. Pulls ups (#)
3. Squats (#) 
4. Dips (#)
5. Plank hold (time)
6. Running (distance) 
7. Walking (distance) 
8. Front yard dash (distance + time)
9. Hand-wash-athon (# per day)
10. Clean room race (time)
If you'd like to participate let me know and I will add your name to the list! Keep track of your workouts, take some cool pics and vids of you being MAXXED and send them to me so we can share! I'll post a master list on the MTYS website and keep it updated every few days with y'alls numbers!
The swimmers with the top scores from each of the groups (Senior, Pre Senior, Marlins/Sailfish, and Piranhas/Tigersharks) will win a prize! (Follow on insta @kelseykelsey7 to see any updates)


MTYS Challenge 1:  Challenge 2:  Challenge 3:  Challenge 4: Challenge 5:  Challenge 6: Challenge 9: 
Swimmer Name Push Ups (#) Pull Ups (#) Squats (#) Dips (#) Plank Hold (time) Running (distance) Hand wash-athon (# of washes per day)
Noach Carpenter- SR 450 200 450 400   16 mi  
Samantha Hardinson- Pre Sr         1.5 mins    
Kaileen Stegura- Pre Sr 88 10 85 25 3.5 mins 1 mi 11
McKinley Miller- Sailfish              
Addison Jenkins- Sailfish 13         2.5 mi  
Hannah Carpenter- Sailfish 100         4 mi  
Witt Kennedy- Marlin              
Jasmine Wang- Marlin              
Elsie Jenkins- Pirahna           2.5 mi




  • Contact Coach Kelsey at or send a DM on instagram to @kelseykelsey7 including your swimmers name, your address, if there is a preferred time of day to visit, and if there is a preferred coach you want to see! 
  • Visits will last about 10-20 mins, your coach will remain in their car, and keep a safe physical distance from you and your swimmer while they visit and talk to you and your swimmer! 
  • Visits will begin this week and we will continue visiting as long as the swimmers want to see us. 
  • Don't forget to let us know if it's a special visit! Birthdays, lost a tooth, rode a bike, anything you are celebrating we want to celebrate too!! The best part of a coaches' job is hearing all the exciting things the kids are doing at home and school. Well, things look a little different right now but the exciting things are still happening, and we still want to celebrate with you all!


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