2020 Season FAQ's

2020 Sea Lions Swim Team FAQ

We know there are a lot of questions - please check here to see if we can help. 

Updates in red 5/21/2020

There are many guidelines from various sources that we worked hard to interpret in a way that follows those guidelines, keeps our families safe, and still allows some kids time in the water.

Things are constantly changing with the current health advisories from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're doing our best to keep up with them.

If you have additional questions, please Contact Us.

What is the season going to look like?

Right now, the board is working on a "conditioning and stroke technique" option for the season.  It will be a no-contact option to get some time in the pool with direction from one of our assistant coaches.  The maximum number of swimmers at each practice will be 18 to ensure 6 foot distance while in the water. It will be offered to swimmers age 9 & Older.

A survey was sent to families who registered for the season to gather interest and guide how we structure the season.  If you did not receive that email, you can find the survey here:  2020 Season Interest Survey

Cost ($120 for CA members, $220 for non CA members) and schedule (Groups listed under registration tab) will be determined based on interest from the survey and capacity limitations.  More details will be posted here as soon as we have them.

Will we still have meets?

Due to capacity restrictions and guidelines for 6 foot social distancing, we will not be attending or hosting any meets at this time.  If guidelines change, we may offer some later in the summer.  It will be your choice if you attend these or not.

Why is this only offered to certain age groups?

With capacity restrictions on the number of swimmers in the pool at once (18 as of 5/14/2020), it seemed too difficult and risky for our youngest swimmers to keep a 6 foot distance in the pool and maintain a no-contact event.  We are planning our conditioning / stroke technique season for those that are 9 and older.  

I mailed a check, but am not interested.  What do I do?

No checks submitted for this season have been cashed.  If you are not participating this season, those checks will be shredded and you will be notified when that is complete.

I swam last season, but I'm unable to make it work with the health situation.  Can I still register as a "Returning Swimmer" for next season?

Yes.  Swimmers from last season and those that swim this season will be considered "Returning Swimmers" when the 2021 Registration opens.

I never registered, but am interested in the new season structure.  Who do I contact?

Please fill out our interest survey here:  2020 Season Interest Survey

Once the details of the schedule and cost are finalized, you will be contacted with that information to make your decision and submit payment.

Will there be t-shirts?

To reduce costs, we will not be offering shirts this season

I paid for extra spirit wear.  Will I get a refund?

Yes, the refund will be sent to the card used for purchase.  If you have specific questions about spirit wear, contact Michelle at

New questions:

Multiple questions about safety, social distancing, equipment, etc.

Obviously this has been our biggest concern as well.  The bottom line is that you as a family have to decide if this is worth the risk for you and your children.  We do not feel like younger kids can properly follow the guidelines which is why we are only offering this to older swimmers.

Within the guidelines we would follow, there would be 2-3 kids per lane.  They would be assigned to one end of the pool or the other with one in the middle.  They will not be congregating on the pool deck.  Chlorine is helpful in this situation and the pool is probably safe.  With that in mind, if we use fins they will be sanitized and only used in the water with chlorine but we haven't gotten that far.  If we decide it is safer to practice without this type of equipment, that's what we will do.  If you have your own equipment, please bring it to each practice.  If you would like to purchase a kickboard, they are fairly inexpensive (under $20) on Amazon, SwimOutlet, Speedo websites.  For those of you who do not want to purchase one, we will pass out our team's boards at the first practice for your child's personal use for the entire season.  You will be responsible for bringing it to each practice, taking it home, sanitizing it and returning it at the end of the season.  We will not allow sharing of equipment this year.

An infrared thermometer is on order and we will check temperatures when the kids enter the pool deck.  It will be especially important for you as parents to keep your child home if they are not feeling well.  


Can my younger swimmer join since their siblings will be swimming?

For the reasons noted above, we will not allow anyone under 9 to join us this summer.  It is not about how strong a swimmer they are.  It is about their ability to social distance and/or benefit from the practices.  We do not feel like the risks are worth the benefits for our younger swimmers.  No exceptions will be made.

Why is it more expensive when there are fewer hours without meets?

We do not collect enough in swimmer registration fees to cover our cost of coaching and lifeguards each year.  While we lose money on the team, we raise enough through concessions and our swim lesson program to cover the excess needed to pay for guards and coaching.  Since we will not have those programs this summer, we will have to adjust our fees.  Our aim is to cover our costs--nothing more.

update:  The fee will be $120 if you are a LSL Community Assn member.  If you do not belong to the LSL CA, you have to pay the $100 sponsorship fee as well which make the total $220 for each swimmer.  We collect this and pay the CA to keep it simple.

My swimmers would have been new this year and don't even know the strokes.  Will this be beneficial for them?

My honest answer is no.  I think that teaching them how to swim requires more hands-on.  Next year or some private lessons would be a better option for them.

Before I decide, I need to know exactly when the practices will be held.

Update:  Practice group times are listed on the registration page.  You will sign up for a specific group and can only practice at those times since we have a set number of swimmers per group.  


So, these details depend on how many kids sign up.  We have 8-11am Monday through Friday which will be utilized first.   We have to divide by age groups--(9-12 and 13 and over) so that kids can social distance and not run over each other in the lanes.  There will have to be multiple groups for each age group due to the 18 swimmer rule.  We do not have a firm plan but I envision it as each child signing up for a certain set of times.  For example, group A for 9-12 yo will have practice M 8-9, T 10-11 and W 8-9.  You sign up for this group so your times are consistent and hopefully your child can be with their friends at the same time.   If we have enough interest, we also have evening time spots on Mondays and Wednesdays.  These will only be open if we can afford to cover them.  That's the best I can do for now.